Does anyone have gout? I was diagnosed about 3 weeks ago, after having had cellulitis in my toes and other parts of my feet over the last ten months. Then I started getting it in my fingers while I was away for two months- my rheumatologist looked at it and said I think you have gout. I have been off the antibiotics and on gout meds since. It can be triggered by diuretics and immunosuppressants according to the various web med sites. I’m wondering if other people on immunosuppressants also have gotten gout. I still don’t know whether I also had cellulitis, the gout left irritating, painful lumps under my skin. Thanks, all.

My husband has gout. He follows a special diet to keep it from flaring up. He also has to drink alot of water to help flush the uric acid out of his blood. Gout is caused by uric acid crystals forming in your joint. It typically starts in the big toe and can go to other joints. He takes allopurinol(sp?) during flares. The diet he follows, you can look up gout diet, has little to no purines in it. No lunch meat, little if any red meat, basically packaged foods are out because of the purines. Gout can cause little bumps under the skin. Drink lots of water and then drink more…lol We had to completely change the way we eat. Many of the foods that are bad for gout are also bad for kidney stones which I get. Good luck!

Thanks! I thought it was cellulitis for 9 months and I’ve had it everywhere except my knees (elbow, 4 or5 toes, 2 fingers- I hope the meds get rid of it, meds vive me nasty acid reflux

I was diagnoses with Gout the same time I was told I had Lupus. Meds helped the gout, but it is another pill I will need to take from now on :(

Oh yeah, I have 2 new pills. One of them makes me sick at night, makes me sleep right after my breakfast pills/. I suppose it will get better. Almost everything new makes me tireder, except prednisone. That gives me energy and cures all sorts of other things. It’s the best, but my doctor likes low dose pred.