Goodbye shoulders :(

14 months ago I had my first spontaneous tear in my left rotator cuff with both hips soon to follow.. 3 weeks ago my right shoulder partially dislocated while asleep. I just rolled over on it , wasn't doing anything crazy lol.. something tore in my flank almost simultaneously and a couple of days later I was admitted into the hospital for 3 days. Last Friday I had MRIs on both shoulders and got results today.. the right is torn of course, not sure if its rotator or labrum?? I was a little upset even though I new it would come back abnormal and didn't think to ask the drs assistant that called to tell me. You'd think by now bad news wouldn't affect me but I guess its just a natural reaction, no one likes bad news right?!? The left has one has tendontious.. now I have no good shoulders :( besides the pain of the situation it's totally impractical for me because I use a walker due to the tears and no cartilage in both hips and left knee. Of course I have a wheelchair but I really try to only use it for distance like going to the mall or when I absolutely can't bear weight on my lower body. My orthopedic doc's words of "if you don't use it ya lose it"always resonates in my mind and its so true! My quadriceps atrophied so fast every time I have a new injury I can't walk on, its with in a week! Im try to go walk slow and steady with the walker and put more weight on the left arm but I still obviously have to use both. . Now im always terrified the right shoulder will dislocated again, it definitely doesn't feel stable:/ For those of you that have had a dislocation you know how scary and painful it can be . honestly im a little traumatized.. ive been wearing a stabilizer/arthritis selve on the left shoulder during bed for a year now and just got one for the right side so hopefully it will help keep it in place?!?! Between the severe SLE and the homsistine disease im screwed:( my connective tissues is practically swiss cheese now and can't get even get it sewn up , it totally sucks!... on the up side I feel like my knee injections are being to help:) im able to bear weight on it a little longer now and it doesn't feel like im walking on a broken bone as much so im happy about that:)Im gonna keep finding hope even in my smallest victories!xoxo

Hi Dawn,

I totally feel for you...though I haven't been thru all you have. I know how defeating it feels to injure one body part because of compensating for another. And it's even harder when your doctors put it off on you (though I think they are just really frustrated with the disease process that they can't control). Sometimes I have found that time does heal--at least partially--some of these problems. It sounds like you are on top of the problems as best as you can be. Are you getting physical therapy? I know it sucks to have been more active and then it slowly goes away. Hang in there... :-) Allison

Your post literally made me cry. I feel so bad for you. My own problems seem so mild compared to what you are dealing with. Just know we do care and I hope you will get better soon. Hugs!

I really admire your strength and courage, reading your posts reminds me that no matter how bad my situation is there's someone else out there fighting just as hard and we are not alone. I hope this finds you having a good day.

I have a torn tendon in the right arm and my Ortho won't do surgery, because I am also diabetic and he fears that I will have an infection or won't heal properly. So, I am in PT for six weeks. My PT just knows the therapy will heal me and I do hope he is right. I have been doing some research on the frequency of tears and other injuries in people with Lupus. The thing I find disturbing is that I brought this up to my rheumy and she told me to stay off the internet, in reference to trying to diagnose myself. I can't help it. I just have to know. I can't imagine how difficult it is for you, going through what you are. I hope you have a lot of good support and I hope this site offers you knowledge, experience and support. I hope the days ahead are much better!

Thanks for the support as always friends:) been iceing my shoulder around the clock but its very swollen, seems almost impossible for it to heal and not re injury at this point:/ I have a bone scan tomorrow. I’m definitely interested to know how it’ll turn out… to answer dkel9307 question of what therpy im currently on as far as lupus/polycondritus im taking 100mlg 8f cyclosporine modified and 100mlg plaquenil daily… finished a 6 month round of cytoxin(chemo therapy) in early April , it helped a few of my symptoms the first few months but soon failed like every other treatment… of course there’s several other meds/oxogen daily for lung, blood, heart, neuropathy, pain. Like I’ve said before for me it’s the trifecta of severe lupus, relapsing polycondritus and homsistine disease and the little to no response from medical and integrated treatments that’s made my situation so serious. I was delt a very bad hand of genetics for sure … I’m always in fear for my daughter to inherit even an ounce of my illness! So far she’s been healthy all her life not like me that was fairly sick for long periods of time all throughout my childhood. … I am very fortunate to not suffer from depression or anzity along with everything else I have to endure on a daily basis. I guess it was there a little a couple of years ago when I started getting sick so fast, it was more fear I think… now I want to make the best of whatever time I have with all of my loved ones and enjoy life no matter how cumbersome it has become for me. Now that I have oxogen I feel I’ve gotten back a huge chunk of my life :slight_smile: im so grateful for not having to suffer to breath anymore! Its the little things like walking, breathing, eating, normal stuff that no one would ever think in a MILLION years would be a struggle or just taking away??? I’ve wrote before a about my dear friend dying of ALS and how his sad situation helps keep me in perspective. We all have challenges, life is not easy especially with a chronic illness that for some of us is very serious but we have to try our best to see a light at the end of the tunnel…