Going back to work

This is my first time posting but I’ve read many stories and love how supportive everyone is. So I recently went from being a stay at home mom of 5 to newly single mother of 5 in the process of getting a divorce and figuring out how to support my kids. I have not officially been diagnosed with anything but Raynauds and Carpal Tunnel. Recently had a bunch of blood work done and hoping for some answers. I have been suffering from constant pain in my joints of my wrists, elbows , ankles, and the worst my knees. When i wake in the morning i am in so much pain and so stiff its a struggle to get out of bed. This does not get better till i take my meds. The pain is there but goes from a 10 to a 4 and I can at least function. My question is this… i just started working today and at my new job i will b on my feet 8 hrs straight. Just wondering how maybe some of you deal with working or other things? I am in horrible pain tonight and would love any ideas you may have. Thank you and God Bless.

You’re very brave! I had to change to a part time job where I mainly sit bit get up often enough to walk around that I don’t stiffen up. No way I could do a job where I had to stand the whole time.
Try not to over-do it. The pain you’re having at night sounds like what happens to me when I do too much. Sometimes sitting with ice on my knees and taking Tylenol helps quiet down the knee and leg pain.

As much as I don’t like being on prednisone, it helped enormously with the pain until the Plaquenil kicked in.

Good luck!

I wish I could give you advise I couldn't keep a job. I miss work so much. I did start a drug called methotrexate, it helped a lot with the joint pain and swelling. My elbow and knee where always swelled up, and now it is only with the weather. The only thing is it made me sick until I got use to it. I once read a great book on a lady who had lupus. She was a librarian and struggled to keep her job. I wish I could remember the day of it. It could give you some inspiration. Good luck to you.

well, I don't work on my feet. I can barely walk to the bathroom some days so that would be a chore. I do notice that my feet are a million times better with good shoes and inserts. Make sure you are wearing decent shoes. I am able to work full time, but to be honest, I don't do a whole lot else. My daughters are 11 and 15 and very helpful around the house. Get the kids to help out, even little ones can do chores.

If there are times that I am unable to go to work for whatever reason - sometimes we even run out of work or whatever - I find that the pain is actually worse when I stay home. At work I can keep busy and not dwell on it, at home I sit here and think about it constantly.

Also, when my first husband left, I was also a stay at home mom, I only had one daughter, 12 months old. It turned out to be the BEST thing to ever happen to me. Stay strong and stay positive - since then I have truly believed that there is a silver lining in every cloud, no matter how dark it seems now.

Hugs and prayers,


p.s. the work rehabilitation program sounds wonderful - I was working as a secretary for a decent but not great wage. I was able to go back to school on student loans for just one year - got a certificate in CAD drafting and now have a much better job that I love.

Congratulations on your new job,it will be battle at first a adjustment will have to come in place since you are not use to being on your feet,maybe soaking or elevating your feet and legs with pillows will help.I would have to prioritize myself so I didnt get overwhelmed .Pace yourself even at work and even more so at home I know it may seem inpossiable but you half to try.

Thank you so much for all your prayers, well wishes and advice. I am definitely goiny to try all of your advice, soaking at the end of the day, ice on my knees, good shoes and find out if there is a work program in my area. Hoping it will help me to be able to function so I can do what i need to. I truly appreciate you all taking the time to respond. It is truly a blessing to know there are people who understand. Thank you and God bless.

Hi Gloria....I have worked all my life with lupus , Sogrens, RA, had my spleen removed because of lupus then went right back to work....the thing that really got me was when I got home and finally relaxed ....I could not move ...literally ...until the next morning...but you deal with it and some days are better than the next...then I got the multiple blood clots to the lungs ...was in the hospital for a week...stayed home for a week then went back to work.......you do what you have to do....I was so hurt and sick all the time ...I would take all my sick leave then have none left for vacations....so my advice to you.....when you go to the doctors ..document document and document.....if you go to your Dr once a week document it on a calendar....when you do finally go out they will get all your records the more documentation the better....I finally went out on disability after my 3rd stroke from lupus....in 2010...I applied myself on line...and got it in 5 months......but don't go out until you really have too...because it really sucks....lol...

Gookluck on your job....

there are 5 pages for plantar fascitis!! THANK YOU!! love love love it!!!

One thing that really, really helps me and makes a big difference is when I’m going through a bad stretch of days where the pain is really bad…and the stiffness worse too - I set my alarm to go off 2 hours before I have to get up and take pain medication …then try and go back to sleep. I may not even be asleep but I still set the alarm just in case. Two hours later it is much easier to get out of bed. I’m a nurse so I go in around 6am.

The shoes I’ve had the best luck with are Easy Spirit Anti-Gravity and Skechers Memory Foam. The cushioning in the sole reduces so much of the impact that it’s more comfortable than walking barefoot!

The absolute best inserts I wear in my shoes are WalkFit. I got them on amazon for $2.99 once, but usually around $20. They have multiple heights inserts in one pack so you can figure our which height works for you. Good luck. I hope things work out with ease.