Glad to be back

Hello I’ve been away from this support group a long while. I had been so sick, busy with work, kids and school. I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and good new year. I started the yr off being I’ll. First with a bad sinus infection. Got over that and for about two month now been having bad headaches(migraines). I do have benign brain rumors and chiari malformation but both have been checked out and all is fine with them. 3 days ago at work something happened to me that scared me bad. I had a headaches as usual but this one was far worse than any other I had…I got dizzy, nausea age started vomitting. My coworkers sat me in a dark room thinking I was having a bad migraine attack. Seconds later they tell me I got confused and disoriented. I was having trouble answering simple questions. They called 911 to take me to the ER. The paramedics thought I was having a stoke. I didn’t even know my name at one point. I got to the ER and didn’t even know my mom. This all lasted about 30 they say. Dr ran test everything came back ok. He referred me to a neurologist. The next day I went to see my rheumy who says that it could be migraines associated with my lupus. He sent me to his neurologist I saw him yesterday and he believes the same thing he ran test MRI/MRA and EEG just to be sure. It scares me because I don’t remember 30 min of my life. The whole ordeal has me exhausted. The neuro gave me migraine meds and will call me with results. For now I’m home resting. Missed 4 days work so far and it worries me how I’m gonna pay bills. So thankful though that I still have my parents that they say they will help if needed. Being a single mom and sick all the time just sucks. I truly hate it. Just wantbto go one day without pain.

hugs lots and lots of hugs mama


Welcome back, and I'm glad you're getting the rest you need. Its so wonderful of your parents to be supportive for you : ) Hugs to you, Trisha

Becca I’m so sorry for all you are going through. Especially when the doctors aren’t sure and you’re left wondering why this is happening. With lupus the docs have to try and figure out if it’s lupus related or not. Of course this doesn’t make things any easier, but the knowing helps. Your being scared is totally understandable. I’m keeping you in my prayers.


I have missed you so it is nice to have you back. It must have been very scary for you to go through something like that. I did have a similar incident 20 years ago. And after multiple tests, they said mine was possibly TIA. I was put in the hospital for 3 days and received the drip to do away with blood clots. It was frightening and hasn't happened since. It took me 6 months to be willing to happened so quickly and I had no warning. I took off a year from teaching because I became insecure. My doctor kept reassuring me to give it time and I'd be fine...which I was. Try not to worry about the future. With your wonderful support system of your family, they are behind you. Take one day at a time, take care of yourself dear. We will pray this will clear up and won't happen again.



Bless your precious heart....prayers for comfort and strength are with you!

Much love and hugs,


Hello Becca,

Thank you so much for the good wishes to we all but it's so lovely to see you back but in a steady pace mate because you've been through such alot and i could have mentioned TIA like Faye as your symptoms sound so familiar but it's best to wait for the results and please when possible update we on how issues went.

Your in my thoughts and prayers dear friend...Hugs Terri xxx

Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Relax as much as possible !!! That is a scary feeling ( had this to happen twice since i've had LUPUS ) , which all the tests that you have had , i had them ( without any answers still to this day ) , so now when the headaches , blurred vision , anything that i think is the problem i completely shut down ( doing NOTHING ) not even thinking (i fall asleep ). The doctor's can't and haven't said why nor what cause this moments ( Black outs ) . And it's funny that they went to school to tell us - that they don't know !!! LOL Lupus has made me become on my p's and q's throughout the day !!! If i could have 1-4 days without thinking that LUPUS is going to act up - i would be a happy camper !!!! But all the same hope that you feel better soon and most of all DON"T STRESS..... Beverly L.

Sendin prayers your way!