Gabapentin and Neuropathy?

I have been on gabapentin for about 6 months. I have been experiencing the worst electric shocks ever. I use to get them every blue moon usually between my spine and shoulder blade. Sometimes from the upper part of my abdomen that shot all the way down to my toes. Now it is occurring more frequently and they are more painful. Has anyone else ever had this issue?

I have the great shocks as well.. I was on gabapentin (Neurontin) as well but it did nothing to calm this.. I now take Lyrica which has helped.... Be forwarned though that Lyrica will add to the waistline.. Im supposed to take it twice a day but I am now on it once every other day and although its not as calm as it should be it still keeps the shocks at bay and I am finally losing the freshmen lupus 15 or should I say 50

lyrica wont be approved by most insurance companies unless their is proof of trying the Neurontin with no effects so sounds like you may qualify. for others you have to waste your time on this one.. although I have seen some post where the Neurontin works for them

I am on both. The Gabapentin is for nerve pain from muscle spasm and cramps. It is also for pinched nerves like in your neck, and for fibromyalgia.

Lyrica is for stabbing and shooting pains in other parts of the body that are due to nerve damage and are not muscle or bone related.

I had MRSA that chewed holes in my lower legs and damaged nerves, so I need Lyrica for my feet and lower legs - will need it for always.

Gabapentin and/or Lyrica are used for shingles nerve pain, too.

So you kinda have to nail down the source of your pain to know which one will work.

Or if you will need both.

Regards from Rosie