Ok so you all know I have been sick over the last month, struggling with stomach issues, right side pain and pain in my back. I saw my primary today and she told me to come back in next friday and check my urine and see if I am still hurting. I have been hurting in my right upper quadrant for several months now. I am no longer able to take NSAIDS, thus leaving me to tylenol, which doesn't help. My primary says she doesn't want to give me any pain meds because she says she doesn't want me to mask the pain. That if I were taking them and pain got worse I wouldn't know. Ok so I understand that, makes sense. But where does that leave me? I can't keep going to the Emergency Room for a pain shot and a script for 15 Loritabs every time my pain level reaches a seven ( I am super sensitive to pain). Anyways if I am still hurting by next week, she thinks it is related to the infections I just had, then she schedule me for a HIDA scan. All ready had this done once 6 months ago when I had the c-diff infection. Thats when my side pain started.

Wow can't believe I typed so much.

Thanks for letting me vent


****hugzzz**** I hope you're able to get your pain under control. I def feel your pain with you, and it def sucks. :( ***Hugzzz***

Nic out. :-D