Lately ive been super cold. I have to wear a hat gloves and layer my socks while indoors. Pins and needles in my arms legs and face. My temp is around 96.5 when i wake up. At first i was greatful to not have fevers. Anyone else experiencing this? im in the process of changing insurance and medical team so I have been having to hit er every time my surgeon and his team grow concerned. Hoping not to have to go again so soon. It worries my kids…
Any Suggestions?

I get chills in and off but I suggest you see doctor you may have the flu

Oh man, did that today. That swab up my nose made me feel homicidal torwards the dr. Lol sucker felt like she was trying to get into my brain. Ugh. Tested negative. More tests tomorrow. MRI and CT scans and more blood work. Numbness and tingles in extrematies. WISH ME LUCK. Thanks for the suggestion xo

The weather

The weather play’s a major part of Lupus.I live in Georgia n when we here had that moment of coldness, oh my goodness , my was CRAZY! ! THE BEST that I could is stay inside and be in bed , my prayers go out to n for u…Beverly L.

Have the doctors tested your thyroid?

Yes my thyroid was checked. Im scheduled for more blood work a mri and ct scan today. For neck hips and lower back. My temp right now is 96.6.My oldest boy hugged me when he left for work and his reaction was “damn mom you feel like a corpse.” Lovely right? I hope to find answers today. Wish me luck and thank you all for the support.

Hello, When your Thyroid was tested do you know if a full Thyroid Function test was completed? Many Doctor's only test the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH). Sometimes the TSH can be in normal range while Thyroid Peroxidase levels are high demonstrating an auto immune attack on your Thyroid. Many Doctors mistakenly assume that when your TSH is in normal range you wouldn't be experiencing hypothyroid symptoms such as being cold.

Another reason for feeling the cold is from storing iron. Currently I am experiencing every symptom of Hashimoto's but my TSH test is in normal range. Many Western Doctors are not updating their knowledge of new research studies that validates what I'm saying. Check it out on 'Stop The Thyroid Madness'. You can read about a lot of Thyroid patients who go under diagnosed for years due to outdated testing..

Every morning I wake with freezing cold hands and feet even though the weather here in Queensland, Australia is really warm. I get the same comments as you do so I can fully empathize with your situation. It's very frustrating to be told what I should be feeling when I am not feeling normal at all.

Best wishes to you