For those of you who have spent some time in the hospital

Is it customary for your rheumatologist to make rounds? Or do the hospital docs, or specialists take care of you? I’m talking about once you’ve been diagnosed. Just curious.

If any of your Dr's or specialist have" privileges" at the hospital your admitted to the yes other wise the hospital staff will take care of you. One of my best girlfriend is my primary dr too so she explained this to me when I first started going to the ER

It all depends on who admits you to the hospital and the reason for being admitted. For my last ortho surgery the orthopedist was my primary doctor and even though I had active disease neither my hematologist nor my rheumatologist made rounds altho my primary doctor did come in as a consultant for medical problems. The admitting physician drives what other doctors can participate in your care. Its not only politics- insurance will not cover for more than 1 physician caring for the same medical problems.

I was curious how much the rheumatologist “gets involved” since I would consider “her” being my main doc of this disease. Maybe I’m wrong…but I seem to feel that everything I “get” any more is fueled by the Lupus. If I’m sick with ear, nose, & throat symptoms, it takes 4 times as long to recover because of the lupus.
What if I’m just feeling SO badly and it’s just a bad flare? Are you supposed to call your doc with every flare, because you don’t know how bad things can get and what it can possibly effect w/o you even knowing?

Every hospital is different. It seems that a huge percentage of hospitals only let you see the Hospitalists )doctors that work in the hospital), and the family docs don't even get to know about what you're going through or what's going on while you're in there. They can't even inquire or give suggestions. This has been a nightmare for my Mom and I who are quite complicated and have doctors who know our quirks and problems, then we get a Hospitalist Rheumatologist that tells us that this and that problem are not even possible, that we are making it up, they change our meds all around to meds we are allergic to. I have to be a watch dog every minute for my Mom when she goes in. (She has lupus and so do I.). When they discharge her, they tell her to go to her Dr. to refill the meds, and they give her 2 days o meds. It takes a week to get in to the Dr. and more often than not, he has not even received the notes from the hospital describing the tests and treatments that were done.It was much better when the Dr. we have seen for years was the one treating us in the hospital.

My rheumy has never seen me when I have gone to the hospital. He sees me for my SLE Lupus only, but has prescribed antibiotics to me on occasion.

When I go to the ER, I end up with the doctors who are on staff at the time. I've been through so many and have to educate them on my medical history time and again. Most of my ER visits are for serious infections and high blood sugar, etc.

I keep my rheumy updated on every medical issue that I have and make sure that he receives copies of my medical reports. He has to clear me before any surgeries are done. I have lots of surgeries ahead of me.


My rummie has always left it up to my family doctor, unless he has privileges at the hospital I am at. Then my fp gets copies of all the test results and they go over it together.