First time having proper flu since being diagnosed with lupus..

temperature, sore throat, sore chest, chesty cough, feeling sick..

Should I go to my gp?

Ive no idea if im just being paranoid as I know I now have lupus...

its probably a good idea to go to your gp especially if you're running a fever. Having lupus tends to complicate even the simple things like the flu. Hope you feel better soon.

Yep. Don't mess with the flu---it can turn into pneumonia, which we "lupans" are susceptible to catching. Feel better soon!

Being paranoid is ok! I’ve had pneumonia twice in the last year - knocked me out for 3 weeks each. A visit to the GP is a good idea.

I agree with the other comments. My cold quickly became pneumonia. We have no defense system

Definitely call your GP!! Take care and hoping you are feeling better soon. Hugs!

I would go in! When I got the flu for the first (of course on Christmas Eve) my mom had me go in right away when my fever started to rise. I ended up spending 3 days in the hospital. I’m starting to learn going for things is worth it! Even when I think it’s silly. Hope you start feeling better soon!

Thanks everyone