I have 12 weeks FLMA leave starting the end of October if I do not go back at the end of this time I am not fired just takin of the companies pay roll which amounts to about the same thing no job. My question is I have long term disability thru the company that starts after being of 16 weeks has anyone used this type of disability and did you keep your medical insurance? I have been out so much in the last 3 years I am surprised they have not fired me. So I am afraid to ask our human resource department.

Long term disability through your emplyer can be just as difficult to obtain as Social Security. One thing to look at though is many long term disability companies will pay your full salary if you are able to work part time. Start researching now with your carrier- often they will assign a caseworker to you

Yes, and thank God I did. I am currently on LTD waiting on my SSD status after first denial. I applied while on FMLA so I only went a month without pay. You can stay on it for two years before the change the rules. To those similar to SSD. You should do it quickly because if you are fired you can not claim LTD. if you have further questions feel free to ask. Take care.
P.S. Your Risk Management Department usually handles the LTD

Yes I have been getting ltd since 2008. Talk to your HR department. They will tell you how the lapse in coverage of the two weeks will effect you . Also if you havent already apply for your ssi disability.

I went through a company called Allsup if you want I can mail you their info. just let me know. I am at wadejunebug63#aol.com lots of love good luck.

Yes. I had LTD and it was my saving grace! You need to call ASAP to your HR and get on it! They won’t do it unless you ask. Also you need to apply for SSI disability because you can not work when applying for it and the LTD will at least bring you a good salary in while you wait in SSI. They will do it for two years then re-evaluate your situation to determine if you still can’t work.

Good luck!


Hi, you will know things, unless you ASK!! That is something that my grandma use to say all the time!! God bless her soul, she was a star in the sky!!!..Beverly L.

My experience with the long term disability at my place of work was just the opposite of the ones that have responded in the positive. In Nov. 1999 I was in a bad car accident that left me with problems I am still going through. I started receiving LTD in May of 2000. In May of 2002, I was called by them to tell me that the check I would receive the next day was my last - no warning!. Even though my doctor sent them a letter stating why I was still disabled and would probably be for the rest of my life (this was before the lupus and fibro ), it did not matter to them. I had paid into it for over 21 years and when I needed it, it was not there. I got lawyers involved, but the first 2 just burnt up the time you have to prove your case. The 3rd one I think could have helped me, but the time was up. The insurance company was CIGNA, so if that one is yours be careful. I had 3 hip replacements and many other surgeries after they send I did not meet they criteria.

Good luck!