Life With Lupus

First Disability appointment


I’m in the parking lot waiting for my first disability appointment. I have no idea what to expect. It is a “psychodisgnostic” exam with a “PSYD.” Maybe they think it’s all in my head? Who knows!

One thing for sure I will be all sweaty and in moderate pain just from the walk from the parking lot to the office. Wish me luck! I’ll report back later.


Hope everything went well!!


I hope everything went well also.


This was an interesting experience and I'm still trying to figure it out. It was not a medical exam. It was initially focused on 'depression' and 'anxiety' issues - which I didn't emphasize in my disability application. She spent a lot of time on that. She finally got to memory issues (which I have significant issues with) and she gave me some quick memory challenges that anyone could pass. For example, she said to repeat the numbers after I say them and she would say "5,3,8,1" Well duh - thats not the problem here, m'aam. I can hear you and parrot your words. I did get a chance to explain to her how my loss of memory and brain function affects my ability to do my old job (impossible) and challenges me at my new job. I think she understood, but I have no idea how this will impact my disability application overall. At this point, I'm 59 and 2 month, and I understand I can access my SS at 59 and a half anyway so I just have to hang in there another 4 months I guess.


I had my mental evaluation yesterday I didn’t know what to expect and I have no idea what he will write


I couldn’t do the backwards recall that well and my fog I forgot one of the words blah


Hope all went well, and you will hear something back soon. I 'hate' those tests, my memory is so bad, I can't parrot back the numbers. I freak out, and practically have a panic attack. It makes me feel stupid, which I'm not..... I hope I never have to have any of those tests again in my whole life.


I feel ya I am smart my memory is shot


Good luck,how it go?


I did have trouble with the backwards recall too. I also had trouble with the 4 words that you repeated once, then she asked another few questions, then asked what those 4 words were. I couldn't remember any of them, lol!! That is a perfect example of where my memory has gone! She recognized that I did have a problem with memory so hopefully that will further support my application for disability.I have no idea when I will next hear from them.


Hope it goes well for you! I had to do all this when I was being diagnosed because they thought it was all in my head. They even had a psychological come see me. It’s so hard to to deal with all this. Hope it goes well for you!


I know, Louters! My RHEUMY sometimes acts like she thinks some of my symptoms are not related to Lupus, and I tell her frankly about all the people on this site who report the same thing, especially the sleeping too much. There's a big difference between sleeping too much from depression ("I dont want to get out of bed) vs. a side effect of a med (stop the med and you don't sleep so much) and sleeping too much from Lupus ("I CANT get out of bed and if I try I just end up back here"). Frustrating!