First Day back to College!

Wow! What a day! It was my first day back and I am completely exhausted! It was so much fun though being back into civilization for the first time in over a year. I was pretty nervous and antsy till I got through each class and got a feel for it all. I tried getting from one end of the campus to other and yeah that wore me out way to much! So I talked to the disability service worker and she is going to find someone to help me get from one end to the other. I am overwhelmed by all the support from everyone around me! I was really nervous to see who was taking over the disability service as the other lady retired. I am so glad for the lady who took over she has experience with chronic illness and everything I am going through. It couldn't have worked out any better! Looking forward to the semester but boy I got a lot of work ahead of me! I came home ate and crashed hard for four hours. My mom said I didn't move for anything! I didn't realized how tired I was! When I got home the whole room was spinning and I felt so weird guess I was over exhausted. Feeling better after sleeping hoping now I can get some good sleep tonight!

Sounds like a good day overall. What are you going back to school for?

So happy for you. Hope you have a great year!

I am going for Early Childhood and Elementary Education :) I am really looking forward to being done with my education! I love children and they make me so happy! I have a ton of kids at my church that just talk my ear off and make me laugh. One boy has to come up to me and tell me he is wearing my favorite tie. :) So fun!

I am so proud of and happy for you! That’s a fantastic accomplishment!! Try not to overdo it and rest when you can. College can be exhausting and stressful, try not to take on too much. One step at a time ! :slight_smile:
It’s worth all the effort!

That sounds great!

Thank you all! Someone told me something that has stuck with me. The lady that told me this her daughter has a chronic illness. She said "my daughter can't work a whole lot but she can go to school." Her daughter is now getting her PHd! Encouraged me to keep going for my goals even through the struggles!

Congrats on your first day back at school! I can only imagine how exciting and overwhelming it is for you! I don't know if you are looking into scholarships, but if you are, there is one specifically for lupus called the L.I.F.E. Scholarship. You can check out their website at . They just finished awarding this years scholarships but you can always apply for next year. Good luck with school!

Congratulations!! I am so happy for you to be back out in the world! I know it must be exhausting, but so good for your spirit!

That’s what my goal is! To just trug along and do all I can do. It has been rough for sure. I just spent Saturday till Tuesday in bed trying to rest and get some energy back! It is for sure very hard but you do what you got to do!