Financial help/benefits

Does anyone know if we are entitled to any sort of assistance with medical bills??
Even with insurance the bills keep piling up and now I sometimes find myself not being as aggressive as I should be about my care because its too costly. Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated!!
Thanks!!! :wink:

Hi Queenie,

I am sorry to hear your situation, i'm unable to give advice being in the uk but hopefully members will help in due course.

Hugs & kisses Terri xxx


I would check with the state that you live in and see what they might have to offer you. Also if you check with some of the drug companies (manufactures of your meds) you might be able to get your medication from them for free.

Here in Florida I will call some of the facilities or doctors offices and see if they will take a payment plan and request a reduction on the bills seeing insurance has already made a payment to them. They will usually work with you.

Other then that I don’t have any other suggestions.

Best of luck…Deenie

Thanks for the suggestions and support :wink:

Hi Queenie,

I do hope the help gets you somewhere, especially when needing treatment.

Love Terri :)