FINALLY.....I am put on Plaquenil

Well....I finally got the results back and I do NOT have rhumatologist put me on Plaquenil today...and he wants me to see an allergist to rule out any allergies and he wants the rashes checked...I asked him aren't the rashes due to Lupus and he said most likely..and I know that they to me...seeing an allergist is a waste of my time..but, whatever...Im just relieved that he is finally treating me for Lupus and not being wishy washy about what is going on with me. Not that I want Lupus, but its the start of feeling better and I want to be on the road to recovery ;)

Your thoughts on Plaquenil??????

Oh Mia,

Wonderful news that you don't have lymphoma. And my prayer for you is that the plaquenil will bring relief. It takes a little while for it to kick in but is promising.

And dear, I haven't forgotten your other request on your last discussion. I will answer soon!



Hi Mia,

Wonderful news for you : ) Plaqueni has been great for me, it takes several months to start seeing improvement, but that's normal, it took almost 3 months for me. But the swelling, and fatigue is improving. It can upset your stomach, some members take it before bed. I've learned not to take any dairy food along with it : ( I learned the hard way. I would think a dermotologist would be better for your rashes, but maybe the allergist will send you that way. Your doctor is trying to help, so play along : ) You ARE on your road to recovery - good for you and God Bless you. Trisha


Great news! I think that all rashes should be biopsied by a Dermatologist. That is the only way you will know that they are from lupus. It is always good to determine what type of rash you have. There are five different kinds of lupus rashes and if they can’t tell by your blood then biopsy is the only way to go. I also think allergy test is appropriate too. Best of luck on the new meds and I truley hope you are feeling better soon.


Hello Mia,

Thank you so much for updating we on your progress and so lovely to hear about the Lymphoma as i told you not to worry to much....go with what he wishes seeing the allergist he's covering all issues with you which is important to you body besides refering to drugs which could harm you besides and his out look on it being Lupus is a good attitude at least your getting to know where you stand and what issues to deal with.

Plaquenil is an excellent drug for DLE/SLE and takes up to 6mths to work but i saw the difference in my skin when it was reaching nearly do need to see an opthamologist though to get your eyes checked to make sure they're ok for plaquenil and if you are you should be seen every get that sorted as soon as you can.

Plaquenil carries side affects like other drugs and some it affects and other's it does'nt but it did me first time round but i was taking mine in the day and i was advised to take it at night before bed as your sleeping the side affects off...a few members have took my advice and hardly had nything except slight nausea...i'm now taking 400mg at much as he prescribed you daily.

I'm so pleased for you hugs Terri xxx

Hello Mia,

So your on the same as me 400mg you should see some difference with that amount first time off....yes you need to eat with the med but that sickness is actually the nausea it's how it makes we feel but in time it does actually carm down...i had it again when i was upped another 200mg for about 4-5 days then it stopped....i am pleased your moving forward and the rheumo is only covering all aspects with is great on your behalf.

Sorry about the mate but i actually type how i speak and in the end you and everyone i know on here to me are my mates anyway.

Love Terri :) xxx

Plaquneil is just a starter Lupus drug it can take up to six weeks to notice any diffference and then depeding on your symptoms you may end up taking other lupus related medication

Hello Mia,

Here is a list of Lupus symptoms but it's all according to how bad you Lupus is for symptoms to show besides. :) xxx