Fever and increasing ache

Every afternoon I notice an increase in how much I ache. I’ve also notice I start running fever. It’s not just every once in awhile, this is every afternoon. Anyone else have this or am I the only one? Anyone know the reason?

Glad to hear I'm not the only one. No idea why but I have been having this for a while and couldn't figure it out. It really had me upset before I found out I had lupus then I just figured it was something that came with the territory.

I seem to run a low grade fever on and off everyday. mainly at night or whenever I am sleeping. As I think back I've started running fevers since 2011, but just linked it to lupus a few weeks ago. Whenever I get a fever I do ache more. I think fever usually means some type of inflammation so it's not far fetched.

Before I started using sunscreen and a hat and avoiding the sun whenever possible, any time I spent in sunlight tended towards an up-tick in symptoms at night. In fact, my desk faced the edge of a west-facing window... every afternoon I'd end up with a strip of sun across me. Later in the evenings I would get a malar rash and feel crummy. Moved my desk, and that stopped happening as consistently.

That being said, I have noticed that regardless of whether I've been in the sun or not, I always feel worse at night. If I want to do something, mornings are forever better than afternoons or evenings. I suppose I just get worn out, and so things flare up a bit more. But no, you are not at ALL alone in experiencing this. ::hugs::

I get low grade fevers every evening without fail. I've seen it mentioned by a lot of other people, so it seem that it's at least somewhat common.

I too get a low grade fever and achy by late afternoon. My husband thinks it is because he comes home from work ;) I assured him that was not the case. I have done this for years but was only diagnosed 9/14. Sunlight affects me too. I am still learning about this disease and happy to see I am not as crazy as I thought I was.

Yes I am finding this is one mean disease. It’s so many things all wrapped up it one.

Over doing it in the warmer weather is common, I have been diagnosed for 10 years and receiving proper treatment for the last 4 years and I still have trouble pacing myself. If I over do it, it can snowball on me and I make myself miserable for several days if I’m not careful. Slow down a bit and catch your breath, it’s Okay!

I over due quite a bit. Have been trying to pace myself. It’s so hard to stop when you know you’re not even close to being done. Everyone always teased me about having OCD. And me not being able to get things done is really starting to get to me. But I’m starting to realize I can’t do as much as I used to, especially not without constantly resting.

I am not diagnosed but have fibro and have experienced such an increase in pain in my legs since the summer came that I've been considering that lupus might be a possibility. (I have other things too with breathing and such.)

At any rate, that was just background to explain that yes, like you, I have been hurting A LOT more recently, and it gets worse in the afternoon. I don't know about a fever but I went to the doctor and had a slight fever. And the pain is every afternoon. I know that I also have osteo arthritis but can't figure out why the pain would ratchet up in the warm weather. Should be the opposite, that cold weather wod bring it on.

I hope you get a lot of answers and some possible insights about your issues. And let me

give you my support and sympathy. I hope you find out what's going on and get some help very soon.



I have the same problem! I have learned to do anything I want done in the morning hours.

Like the rest of you I to tend to overdo but try to pace myself. It’s not easy when I think I have so much to do in such a little time to get it all done . Fevers. I get those regularly. I don’t seem to have a pattern with them only in the evening or in the morning or during the late evening. I know for sure they come when I’ve been really sick and down and at the end of it I’ll get a fever and when it breaks I feel better. Hi just think of it as being part of lupus and I learn to live with them. If there is an answer out there about these fevers, I too would like the information.

Low grade fever is a typical symptom. I usually get it whenever I flare, or I go out in sun. Or like others already mentioned, overdo things. You need to learn your limits and accept it. True, we all miss our old life full of energy, but we can’t afford to ignore the fact that things are not the same. Rather be proud of whatever you do. Its not an easy sail, and that makes you proud of yourself.
Stay strong. Warm hugs.

Learning more every day.

Although I don't get a fever, I usually do start to get more aches and pains in the evening time. I have no idea why, other than maybe my body just finally feels exhausted after the day's activities. I've also heard some people just get their pains in the morning, others at night. I wish I knew the exact reason why, and if I find out I will be sure to let you know.

Sounds familiar. I was told it is a side effect of Lupus. Major fatigue is another symptom. I have learned if I want to get anything done, do it early. By time the afternoon rolls around, I am done for.

I often get fevers in the evenings. i dont know why.