Fellow Lupies

Glad you've been feeling well externally and that you found a nephrologist that works well with you (that's half the battle sometimes!). I've never had a kidney biopsy, but I know they numb the area well. Just let her know that you're nervous about possible pain and what is normal/expected. Wishing you the best!

Thanks ballerina8876. :)

Ill definitely let her know. I dont tolerate pain well, so maybe some I will get some "heavy" local sedation. From what she told me, I know that I will probably be staying in the hospital before and after the biopsy. Hopefully she will let me take a naprosyn after. :D

Im banned from NSAIDS for the next thirty days and tylenol does nothing for me... soo this should be interesting lol.

I wish you the best as well! :)

No pain at all but you have to lie still for several hours afterward They do sedate you and the area is numbed so other than the brief sting from the novacaine absolutely no discomfort

Sorry to hear what’s going on with your kidneys. That must be very disconcerting! I had a problem with tachycardia last year. Same thing…resting rate was through the roof and if I vacuumed or something it would be up to the 150’s. My cardiologist put me on metoprolol. It’s helping. My blood pressure was 108/79 and pulse 89 yesterday! Yay! Very scared feeling though when it goes up so high.