Feeling so alone

How is it I feel so alone when I’m surrounded by people all day? I feel like my boyfriend is drifting away from me, and I think it’s from me losing so much weight from this. I think hes not attracted to me anymore. He’s be short with me and giving me attitude of nothing. I’m going to talk to him but it’s never the right time. :confused: I just want to be love and cared for. Why is that so hard? I do so much even though I’m tired and going through all this :confused: arrrrg! :confused: I just want to cry all day :confused:

I’ll hv to post before and after pic. It’s so much easier to take care of but I think I wanna go shorter. It’s so hard to talk to him. I spend a lot of time by my self, my boyfriend is a long haul truck drive and us gone alot. I try and hang out with my friends but they aRe busy with their kids or our work schedules clash. I don’t have many, less then a handful. I felt so alone last weekend I almost went to my parents at 9 pm just to sleep over so I wouldn’t be alone. I desided nit to. Didn’t want my mom worring to much, she has her own problems. I have to talk to my boyfriend about how lupus is changing me and how I can’t help what it does or when. Thank you for the advice. I love talking on this site it helps so much. And crying does just end up hurting my head :confused: lol I can’t even cry without hurting!

I would love a cat but my boy friend is allergic :frowning: I’ve thought of joining some kind of group too but I get so tired I would hate to spend money on it then not even go. I have a Facebook page but don’t talk about my lupus. I’m still not ready to share it with everyone yet. I don’t want people to look at me any different. And I don’t want people to start talking to me because they feel sorry for me.

Heyy Beck!! I can definitely relate...no matter how large the crowd, still feel sooo lonely. I think it's just that in our minds, we know that no matter how empathetic people are towards us, they still don't fully comprehend what we go through and we're aware of that. I feel like that is a large contribution to us feeling lonely (amongst other reasons I'm sure). And I'm sorry to hear what you're going through with your boyfriend, but try not jumping to conclusions until you talk to him about it. I know it's hard to put it in the back of your mind for now, but it's only going to stress you out worse. And because it's a convo that is serious, I don't think any time is really going to seem like the right time. Best wishes with everything <3

Ya thats what i keep hearing ponto, from other pep who r allergic and thier partner deals with it. I guess he is more selfish then i thought. His mom even said he wasnt allergic but i figured she didnt know since she hasnt been in his life until a few years ago. I feel less important to him more and more. Lynn i do put it in the back of my mind just so it wont stress me out, ive realized i have to becareful of what stresses me out and what things to let go. Its hard but we have to choose our "battles"