Fed up going to intragrative doctor

I don't know if I have lupus. It is the label the rheumatologist gave me . My ANA is 1:160 my original ESR was 28 , My original CPK was 0.1 . I have NO antibodies for ANY autoimmune disease- I have had a years worth of testing. With no answers- placed on plaquenil which really didn't make me feel better after being on it for a year. I don't really have much joint pain. - my rheumo said lupus because of the ANA 1:160 and she went off and said lupus because she said that MOST high postive ANAs end up being lupus - and thru me on plaquenil . I do NOT meet the 4/11 criterea & I BARELY get 3/11 . Lupus us now my label and ive had to go leaps and bounds to get satisfied going through the adoption process for our little one. I am stopping my plaquenil and going to an intragrative/functional medicine doctor for help. Maybe I have lupus and it hasn't shown its pretty little colors. maybe I don't but I need more help and the rheumotologist isn't helping. I went for a 2nd opinion and he said Fibromylagia. Whatever the case . .. . I am not stopping until I find an answer!

so when conventional medicine fails me . . . I will go intragrative.

Keep fighting for that answer! I hope this new doctor is able to help you better and can give you some more answers.