I’ve fallen 6 times since Thanksgiving. I went to a knee dr a few months back and he gave me cortisone in both knees and sent me to physical therapy. Therapy didn’t work and the shots only gave me a bit more leverage until last month when I kept falling again. I can’t squat because I can’t pull myself back up, up and down stairs cause pain and falls and also knees buckle. This had been going on for a year now and keeps getting worse. Went to spine dr and MRI of lumbar thinking it was my back and all is fine. Does anyone fall and have trouble with knees because of lupus??

YES! I joke to everyone that I walk around like Captain Jack Sparrow. My knees buckle constantly. I haven't fallen down yet because I have been close to items where I help catch myself. The pain is considerable, especially if I have been sitting down and get up from my desk at work. I have considered getting a walking stick or cane for the days when it is really bad... but at the same time I feel a little embarrassed to do so... does anyone use a cane?

I don't fall, but I do trip over my own feet when my fibro is acting up. I have read that stumbling and falling can be found in those who have fibromyalgia. When it isn't flaring up, and my SLE is under control, I don't stumble at all.

I started walking with a cane after I fell several times, one time an inch away from hitting my head on the corner of my dresser. Since then, my ability to walk without assistance has worsened. I don’t know if it is because of the neuropathy or just weakness but my knees constantly buckle. I call it my Michael Jackson move…we have to find a way to smile through this :).

Yes, I do, but not because of knee issues, mine stems from CNS problems- I do have joint problems that Methotrexate helped immensely in my hands, my rib cage/sternum (yep- that is a joint too!) & the little bones in my spine (more so peeve land w/ RA)- I get seizures, bad headaches and vertigo-
My knee will blow up from time to time, then just go away before I even get to see Rheum! That is my 2 wk rule- If I have pain/swelling in a joint (& it’s NOT LIFE THREATNING!), I will contact my dr to be seen, but if you are falling due to being dizzy or anything else that is new or could involve your brain- it is defiantly a good reason to get checked sooner than later.
I have a friend who just got her knee replaced from having lupus.
Do you ever loose your bladder when the falls occur?
Stressful time of year (good or bad stress- doesn’t matter- stress is rough on us!
Use the cane!!! Anything that can be helpful - can stop further damage, prevent falls from being worse- we have to treat our bodies well-
For some reason I do not absorb iron, b12, Vit D3, (even testesterone) so I have to take extra via supplements or shots.
VIT D is VITAL to our bone health and keeps them strong- next time you are at your de, and getting labs drawn, make sure you ask for a whole metabolic panel- sometimes our kidneys can prevent us from getting Vit D & can end up w/ very fragile bones- can also do a number on nerve health.

I wish you and your knees happy holidays!! Feel good and hold on when going on stairs!

I have had my left knee buckle a few times in the last couple of months. I expect my right knee to buckle because of two previous knee surgeries. But it has been my left knee lately. Could this be due to Lupus?

Yes, it's part of the Lupus. Also the ankles will lock. If it gets bad try a cane, I try to be careful how I plant my foot in case it start to buckle I'm able to catch myself. I no longer can bend knees all the way either, and I still work like this :-(

If I do get on the ground I have to push myself up like a push up, and then walk my legs up. I also have fibromyalgia.


Easing Joint and Muscle Pain

For many people, joint pain and stiffness are the first symptoms of lupus, or a sign that a flare is coming on. Joints in the hands, wrists and feet get stiff and painful to move, sometimes so much so that it is hard to get up from a chair or button a shirt. The shoulders, knees and ankles also get stiff sometimes. A doctor called a "rheumatologist" specializes in treating these achy joints ("arthralgias") as well as swollen and painful joints.

Why do people with lupus get pain and stiffness in their joints?
When lupus is active, there is inflammation (increased heat, swelling, and pain) throughout the body. As part of this inflammation, a thin lining in certain spaces around the joints grows and thickens. This change in size causes pain and swelling in the joints as well as tendons and special fluid-filled sacs that normally lessen rubbing between body parts. Inflammation also can lead to the release of body chemicals that break down bone and destroy a type of very hard connective tissue called cartilage.

Is this pain and stiffness the same as arthritis?
No, since the bones and joints do not (usually) get damaged permanently, as they do with arthritis. But the pain and stiffness of lupus can still be very difficult to deal with, and some of the ways of handling arthritis work well for lupus.

Are muscles affected?
Two out of three people with lupus at some point complain of muscle aches. Often these aches are between the elbow and neck, or between the knee and the hip. While the aching can be intense, the muscle does not actually weaken, which is good. The muscle can also get inflamed (reddened, warm, swollen), although this is less common. A separate illness called fibromyalgia, which involves extreme muscle pain and tenderness at particular body points, sometimes happens at the same time as lupus.

How should pain and stiffness be treated?
Some over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen, aspirin, and naproxen, may lessen pain and inflammation. Some people get relief by putting heating pads on painful areas or taking warm showers and baths to lessen stiffness. Others feel better with cold packs. Find what works for you, but also always check with your doctor.

What is the best way to handle a joint that is very stiff, tender, and inflamed?
Try resting and lifting up the joint (pillows and blankets are good props) as much as possible. Avoid putting weight on it. Warm showers or baths can lessen stiffness. Stay away from activity that increases pain, tenderness, swelling or makes your muscles "burn." A "physical therapist" (or trained friend) can gently move the inflamed joint to prevent extreme stiffness, but check with your doctor first. An "occupational therapist" can help with ways for coping and getting your strength back if tasks such as cleaning, bathing, and cooking are hard to do.

Is it important to keep joints and muscles healthy?
Resting and protecting joints are very important, but exercise keeps the muscles, bones, and tendons that make up the joint as healthy and strong as possible. So avoid weight-bearing exercises if you have joint pain, but also look for ways to stay active, such as gentle yoga or walking 30 minutes daily. Keeping active helps to control weight, boost energy, and put you in a better mood. Do what you can during a flare, and try to exercise more as you start to feel better.

Are there other kinds of joint problems in lupus?
Although much less common, other joint problems are possible, such as damage to the hip joint (possibly leading to severe arthritis), tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and the development of small lumps in the joints of the hands. Ask your doctor for more information about how to handle these problems.

Hi!, Living with Lupus is a crazy thing-smile sorry that you are having this issue BUT yes it comes with Lupus . My doctor told me when this was going on with me that there is nothing really to been about it, myy x-rays didn’t show anything wrong . So I just sit when I feel like am falling . Keep trying your doctor to pay attention to this problem…Beverly L.

Thanks for all your sharing. It seems we all have the same disease but some of our symptoms are the same, yet different or even more severe than others. What’s scary is that if nothing can be done about our knees then how will we function the longer this goes on. I have big fears of walking. I’m 46 and my daughter isnt married yet and may have grandbabies one day. I can’t even play with my dog hardly, I’m so sad. I wanted to have a great time and be a cool grandma, something I didn’t get growing up.