Fall and the sun

Still being a newbie with all this, I need help on how much sun protection to wear in the fall. I live in Mo in the middle of the USA and I understand that the uva and uvb lights lessen now through the beginning of spring, but does that mean I don't have to wear my protective clothing? I have cutaneous lupus so I don't want to start a flare, I am having enough trouble with joint and face pain along with low grade fever. Please help.

Good Advice... better safe that sorry with all our issues.

I too wear lotion with SPF almost everyday. This simple act has made a big difference for me. When I try and give my skin a break from the chemicals I usually end up with a rash. I didn’t even think that the florescent lights at work could cause me issues…

Thank you for all the helpful and supportive information :)

I agree, better safe than sorry. I am still learning and having a day when you forget and pay for it will help you remember next time, every time. I learned the hard way. Hugs


Ann does exactly what I do. only face and hands ever show outside. I was going to say florescent light doesn't bother me but I am very seldom IN florescent lightlol only in the dr office .


Thanks for that info, I didn't know anything about that but I also don't ever go out without sunglasses, long sleeves and jeans all year long. Fortunately I live in Seattle so it isn't sunny very often but when it is....watch out, rashes, hives and pain oh my. Thanks again, it explains alot of things. Snowwolf

Do the new energy saving bulbs do the same thing to us as florescent lights? My apt.put florescent lights in our kitchen and the other bulbs everywhere else. Plus I live on the 9th floor, south side. I get so much sun I don't even have to use my heat in the winter.

I just have to get better at remembering to put my sun screen on. I always have my hat and Sun protective shirt on, just forget the Sun screen. It is so time consuming to get ready to go anywhere!

Just got "cocoon"sun glasses and that will be a big help to my light sensitive and dry eyes.

All your info is helping me a lot, thank you and big hugs all around.

I live in So Ca so it's sunny most the yr & the sun is hot. I wear sunscreen @ least 30 SPF on all exposed parts of my body. I also wear prescription sun glasses, a hat & long pants. I don't go out in the sun during 11 AM to 2 pm in the summer if I can help it.

Regardless of weather, you should always wear sunscreen. Especially the face and upper neck and chest area. I just went to a wedding over the weekend and even though it was rainy the entire time, just being in the car, there was enough sunlight through the window to leave me with a wonderful little butterfly rash just in time for pictures.

Your own skin type is obviously a factor and I am quite fair, but I grew up at the beach and up until about 10 years ago was never sick.

I was diagnosed only a year ago, and have had to do a ton learning by living. It's not easy, but if you keep a good journal in the beginning and really pay attention to how your body responds to different activities, exposure etc. you'll begin to start just doing what makes your body feel better.

Good health,


You have to use high quality sun screen all the time. You really do.

I carry sunscreen with me at all times no matter what time of year or whatever the weather. Yes, good quality is a must… and remember it can be written off your taxes. Reapply as a habit whenever i use the restroom.

I always wear long sleeves, long skirt or pants. Sunscreen on my face and neck. I have been sportin an umbrella everywhere I go. I have one next to my pocket book and one by each door. If I run out to get the mail or get out of the car to walk to the store, I always have it. People do look but it works for me. I always wonder when I am walking with my umbrella, where are all of my lupus buddies? Every now and then I see someone all cover up ,but not very often. Nice to hear everyone’s advice on the matter. I do find my self looking for shade and will walk in the shade areas whenever I can find then.


I'm with Grace I never go out without long sleeve blouse and long pants. I also have a parasol. It's a good conversation piece. Stay covered and "sun screened". Take care


I will be looking for you Cindy on sunny days. :slight_smile:

Well sorry I have no helpful information on this lol, but I definately learned alot! I never knew or thought about the sun in the fall being something that would cause a flare! And I'll definately start wearing sunscreen year round.