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Fainting is it do to lupus?


Hey everyone! I am new to the group and I had a question that I need help with. I have been fainting just randomly. No warning signs or dizziness before hand or anything. I do have SLE lupus and tachycardia and palpitations. The heart doc have no answers for me and want to put a loop in my heart. My lupus doc who never has much to say tells me it’s not lupus. Lupus doesn’t dmo such a thing. More I read I see that it is possible it could be lupus. So I am waiting to see my second opinion lupus doc. Booked up until june. Really far away. So what do you guys think? I have past out walking to my kids room, while changing, in the shower and the last time i past out while putting my 3 year olds socks on…


Hi! I was dx with SLE, RA, Scleroderma and pulmonary HTN and heart palpitations. With that said, a lupus friend of mine has been fainting/blacking out. 2 weeks ago she passed out and her bp was over 200/? When she was admitted to the hospital the cardiologists found that she has abnormal beats in her heart and that was why she was passing out. They ended up doing a heart ablation where cardiologists do a heart cath and identify the abnormal electrical signals and "burn" / ablate them. She was out of the hospital the next day and was up and about a few days later. She says she feels fine and relieved that she will not be passing out while driving again. I hope that works for her. Because I have the same problem though not as severe. I don't pass out but I do have abnormal heart beats that cardiology wants to ablate.

Hope this helps some. Wishing you the best. Never give up! Be persistent!


So you think it’s more my heart then it would be from lupus? My one heart doc thinks my heart stops and that’s why I pass out. I have don’t a heart monitor for a week and 2 other ones for 24hrs. Nothing has showed much. My heart use to beat to almost 200 at rest. Now that I am on Corlanor a heart failure meds my heart rate has dropped lower still not as low as it should be but better then what it was. I have flare ups all the time with lupus and they still haven’t found a medicine that will control the pain and tiredness and the weakness. So I am lost on Which could be causing me to pass out. Do I let them do the loop and hopefully rule out my heart? Or wait and hear from another lupus doc? I don’t know what to do. I need help on marking the decision. :frowning:


Low blood sugar can cause fainting too, keep an eye on your sugar. Peanut butter I have found works best for low sugar.


Blondie said:

Low blood sugar can cause fainting too, keep an eye on your sugar. Peanut butter I have found works best for low sugar.


Hi I recently had the same thing as you but reversed. When I stood up and walked I got dizzy. I have low pressure normally but this was worse.I became a direct admit to icu. My :/ was 50/30 hrs almost 200. They thought I threw Clot but to be short a cardiologist diagnosed me. No lupus My blood was moving to slow and heart beating faster to compensate.I now am on mididon Ups b/p and lowers heart rate .For you I am sure there is a medication for you. I have no heart damage but I could've stroked.Everything we get is not related to lupus and if it was there's no magic bullet to help Hope this helps .Have tilt table test that will define what you have Good luck.Keep in touch


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Hi I did tell you about my issue with getting dizzy with low b/ p and high hrs. I didn't mention that I had pcv Now I still have irregular he but no heart damage.Sorry I didn't mention that.Mean while I've had liver biopsy bladder biopsies.My liver numbers are still high but nothing to make my liver normal Hope they find out about your fainting.


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You sound so much like me. I have identical issues. My heart skips hundreds of beats a day. I also pass out, it’s very sudden. No warnings just a crazy head caving in feeling as its happening. Totally crazy right! I hear lupus is a culprit for the fainting according to my neurologist, she says it’s damage to the nervous system that controls heart rate and blood pressure. Had every test for the heart and it appears healthy just skips and races a ton. I do have svt found on my last monitor, Dr still does not want to do ablation because they think my heart is irritated by other causes than cardiac electrical issues. It’s been a long road trying to get some relief from this. As you probably know. How many palpitations are you getting a day? And how often are you fainting?


Have you asked your doc about POTS?