Life With Lupus

Equilibrium issues?


Hello everyone. I hope you are doing better each day. I have been wondering if any of you experience trouble at maintaining equilibrium or balance. Of late i am falling down very frequently and hurting myself. I seem to trip over thin air. Never had this trouble before. Been wondering if this is also a symptom of sle or am i just being airhead (though i do take extra care while walking. Fell down thrice in the past 15 days) ? Any insight is appreciated. :blush:


Hi Pollen_Grains,
Yes I have that problem too, I need a walker to keep my balance. Mine has been attributed to vasculitis, which is swelling of the blood vessels in the brain. Lupus seems to attack my CNS (central nervous system) more than other areas, but attacks other areas as well. You might also want to get checked for an ear infection or inflammation of the balance center in the ear. Itโ€™s frustrating for sure. It may not be permanent. My lupus issues come and go, constantly moving to some other part of the body, but the balance issues are there when I overdo or push too hard or eat foods that cause a lot of inflammation. I am attempting to change over to the anti-inflammation diet.
Best wishes!


That makes sense. Since i have been under a lot of stress and been eating food that usually is triggering. SLE never cease to amuse me. Just when i think i know all there is i need to, something new pops up. Thank you Sheila for the prompt response. You have been a great help a lot of times.


Thanks for your kind words. Yes this is a puzzling and difficult disease. I feel like an alien sometimes. I donโ€™t function well in this atmosphere. lol.