Hi:)so is anybody seeing an endocrinologist for bone disease caused by lupus /autoimmune diseases? ? I saw my new pulmanologist on Monday, hes the chief of pulmanology at University of Miami Sylvester and was super nice,smart and very concerned for me sooooo im feeling great about him! He referred me to his coluge that specializes in bones diseases in young adults. Im really excited for my appointment and hopefully get a better understanding of how and why my my bones and bone marrow are being so affected by my disease processes. . This year ive been suffering from pancreatic inflammation (pancreantitis ) and developed a cyst / hypodensity so that's another reason he referred me to her. I thought the rheumatologist handled bones and joints and the gastro handled the pancreas? ???

What bone issues/symptoms are you having?

Hi there :wink: well i do know that pancreas is what makes insulin in your body so that would mean having to do with Diabetes, and thats Endo. doctor :frowning: but im not sure about the gastro with the pancreas, unless they want u to see both gastro and endo for your inflammed pancreas and also just how well its working on producing insulin in your body … As for the bone issues, I too have alot of that bone stuff going on at the moment along with dealing with a kidney doc for now what os possibly turned into Lupus Nephritis ughhh! :confused: The primary care doc and the rheumo said i show very advanced Osteopenia, which will turn into osteoarthritis (they say) and also they found that my hips are narrowing where the joint meets the pelvic bone ? I have had very bad Hip pain lately so thats why they looked into that but surprisingly to me my rhuemo doesnt wanna send me to osteo yet so he said just take as much as the pain as i can for now … I guess its cuz im young too and he said before he eants to send me to start all this other ortho surgeon stuff … Well now that i wrote u a book :slight_smile: lol I hope i helped with the pancreas thing a little :wink: hope it goes as good as can be … Xxx

Hi Cally Lilly …My bone issues are diffused osteopina (expected to be osteoporosis very soon )random bone contusions, bone marrow edema, knee cap and shoulder partial dislocation, torn joints and subchondral sclerosis. . So far no treatment has improved anyof these problems. Niki B thanks for your input:)