Emotional Wreck!

For over a week now I have just been an emotional wreck! Every little thing makes me bawl my eyes out! I feel over whelmed and not sure how i can keep going. I want to go do summer things with my friends, work again and just feel normal. But instead im stuck at home sick and not able to do anything. I am usually ok with it and it doesn't bother me. Im not sure why it's worse? I had some friends finnaly bring my piano over after 6 months of waiting. When i saw it come into my place i just lost it and cryed my eyes out over it for several minutes. I just cant figure it out. Mom will give me a hug ill loose it, brushing my teeth, laying in bed, doing nothing and im crying over nothing! I feel like im going crazy!!! ;)

::hugs gently:: Hon, sometimes it just needs to come out, whether we think its the right time or reason or not. It's okay to be upset. It's okay to be teary. Give yourself room and permission to feel. How you feel is never wrong. It just is. And when we are talking about dealing with Lupus, our feelings are highly justified! Give yourself room and time to be upset. It will pass, and you will regain your equilibrium. For now, find someone you trust and bawl your eyes out. Share it all, let it flow, and feel SAFE doing it. ::hugs more:: I wish I could be there more for you than just as words on a screen, but I hope you remember that you are not alone in feeling this way! I'm here to listen anytime, okay?

A couple years ago when I was diagnosed with sjrogrens and lupus, I thought my world had ended. I cried all the time and my husband would learn more and more by reading and helping me talk with the doctors. When things were explained to me, it didn't make me feel any better. I really thought my family was better off without me. I cost them more money with all the medical bills. I have to always have certain things done for me. My daughter resents me cuz I'm not the mom I used to be. I get depressed and in bed a lot. I'm tired all the time. My body hurts when even my cat walks across my leg. I could go on and on just like everyone else could about their affects and effects of this disease. I wanted to end it all. With therapy, I realized I had to mourn my old body. It's taken a year and a half to realize I can't be the person I was. I have to modify my movements and the things I want to do. I would go overboard with things I wanted to do and then I would be down for days and I felt it was a punishment. I have cried and I still do. I cry for a lot of things. Once you begin the mourning and realize you still have choices, it's just doing things different than you used too. I agree with Talencia. Please find someone that understand the disease and that you trust and just vent and cry. You go girl and it will work

Awww!! Thank you so much! This support group is such a great help! :) hearing from people who really understand and know! My mom is completly understanding and is alwats there for me. The first time i cried in front of my friends kinda sacred them. For when im with them im usually all go lucky and put on a smile....that saying you can hide a lot behind a smile is so true!

Hi. I have had times like that. Why they come and go I have no idea. I find it embarrassing . I hate to feel that way. Sometimes I am just really over emotional in the tear department. Just like you said, it can be over nothing really. But then I can go a long time and don’t feel that way. Hope you will have brighter days soon.

I am going through a sad time also. It happens every year at this time . I don’t know why. I hope your days become filled with laughter <3

I have always been a strong willed independent woman...until Lupus hit me. Now I cry because I can't get my own sock on my foot, or any other thing. This constant pain, crying, and just trying to figure out what to do and how to survive has completely overwhelmed me, so I cry some more, and I will probably cry a lot more. I totally understand your pain!