Life With Lupus

Edible Oil/butter allergy


Hello guys. I hope you all are doing better each day. I wanted to ask if anyone has edible oil or butter allergy? For the past few days I realised that eating even one morsel of fried food is causing me crazy coughing that lasts for next few days. Has anyone gone through the same?
I am barely surviving on boiled and raw food.
Help anyone.


Hello. Are you also having acid reflux by chance? Just wondering if your GI tract is experiencing a lot of inflammation.


Hello, I had to totally give up fried or even grilled foods when diagnosed with Lupus 20 years ago. I cannot tolerate any that food when I eat out for sure. At home it is the same. No substitutes have made a difference. If your raw food mean salads then maybe you just need to make up all different types of salads and the grocers have several different “types” all bagged up. Some have more kale than lettuce or more romaine than regular lettuce but it is the other stuff that makes them taste better. Add your own carrots, small tomatoes cut in half and any dressing seems to work for me. Maybe add some shredded cheese? Really fresh Italian or French bread can make a great meal. Check out the frozen meals that are gluten free and no gmos with no preservatives and NO FRIED ones. The turkey dinners, chicken, even the sweet & sour ones settle with me o.k…I live alone so I can go with those meals sometimes. Cereal with strawberries, bananas or raspberries for DINNER also is fine. Have it with a bagel or toast (with peanut butter) and hopefully you’ll be filled up. Yogurts (not Greek for me…too sour) can be boasted with fresh fruits and even a bit of “Reddi Whip” for lunch. But, as to your question I have just to say to give up the “fried” foods as you will put yourself into a flare up. Best wishes, LL