Edema and rashes

Anyone have this problem? The rash started on my wrists and forearm then moved to my knees and hips where it ate holes in me. The edema comes and goes, +2, + 3, etc. lasix twice a day down from 3x day, due to creatine levels, no more etodolac due to creatine, and cut down from 8 tramadol to 6 day.

So… Insomnia is new. I also have started tipping over and falling down, also new, no appetite, and very fatigued lately, strange things keep showing up from shopping trips that I don’t remember (six as seen on TV’s I had to return to walmart I have no idea what happened there. I freaked out and drove to Arkansas to a diamond mine from Colorado in the middle of the night. Things are getting strange here lately. Lease is up in month or two and I think I will be heading back to southern Cali, I can’t do any more snow, it hurts.

Rheumy said edema not related to SLE, but yes on rash.
Derm said no on rash yes on edema
I don’t know, when you read the blogs it doesn’t seem like it’s not related.

I don’t like to complain but I could use a waaaaaambulance.
I broke up with the gov supplied psychiatrist on out second meeting when she told me to stop taking the plaquenil because it can cause depression, my rheumy loved that one.

Thanks for letting me vent, I read a lot of the blogs but I don’t have much to say it’s been a one girl pity party and I only invited the dog.

£^€# lupus! I’m tired.

Plaquenil, tramadol, levothyroxin, Percocet, flector patches, voltaren gel, duoderm patches, lidocaine patches, lasix, klor-con, propranolol, jolessa, divalproex, adderall, lamotrigine, phenegran, ambien, clonazepam, meclizine,hydroxyzine, Botox treatments (not for full lips), acyclovir…I am Not hungry anymore.

Hypothyroid, bipolar, SLE, good heart murmur (there is a good and bad apparently), ADHD, migraines, edema (unexplainable), fa la la la laaa, extreme fatigue, insomnia, sweats, nausea/vomiting, Loss of appetite, and pretty darn grouchy.
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Sorry you are having so many problems and I am no doctor. However, many of the drugs you are taking can cause a lot of your problems. I am not sure what they are all for, but adderall, ambien and clonazepam together are very dangerous. You need to find one doctor and go over all of your meds.

good luck!

So sorry you have to go through this but it sounds pretty scary! You may have Vasculitis which many Lupus patients get. If you have brain involvement (and you know it’s not the medications) you may have CNS Vasculitis. Please let your doctor know. If you aren’t sure about the meds, I used to be on Ambien and would buy things and not remember. So Ambien could be the culprit. I hope you hide your keys or have someone else keep them so you don’t drive on Ambien. It’s soooo dangerous! Be sure to discuss with your doctor and I hope you get better soon!

I vote it is the Ambien. After taking it on and off for two years, of late I have been experiencing loss of memory episodes if I don’t go right away to sleep. I took my last one last night and I am DONE with it.

Just FYI, you won’t be able to sleep for about three days. I took melatonin and finally on the fourth day I slept. It felt great to get off of it. I sleep so much better now. I don’t take anything for sleep now. I do have melatonin on hand though in case I have a night I can’t sleep. Haven’t had to use it thank God! I’m glad you are getting off of it. The memory loss is so scary and you don’t want to hurt anyone or yourself because you are doing things in your sleep. It helps the finances too! LOL! The sleep buying was bad with me. Take care!