Eczema and lupus

Is it common or possible to have eczema with your lupus?

Well I’ve sure got it! It used to be pretty mild and its a lot worse since the lupus diagnosis. I’m using anti-itch creams and needs more than I used to

my dad had lupus and had really bad eczema too

Just curious, because one of my rashes came back as eczema. But my doctor wants to biopsy my face rash when it comes because she doesn't feel that rash is eczema. She's pretty sure it's a lupus rash. Just thought it was interesting that my rash came back as eczema and not lupus.

I sure have eczema, which drives me crazy with the itching. I have to use a prescription cream when it gets really bad or it spreads all over my legs as well as other smaller areas.

I have eczema too but wasn’t diagnosed with lupus until recently

I haven't had any eczema with my lupus but, I have heard of a rash that can caused by stress.