Earrings and pain?

In light of all our more serious problems this probably ranks far down on the list close to what color polish to pain our toenails. (Answer for me-none). However was wondering if anybody else has problems wearing earrings. Since my lupus took a more serious turn a couple years ago I can’t wear earrings. Regardless of the type or metal. One day at work I reached up to touch my sore ear and realized it was bleeding. Is this just me? Probably just something random but I never had it til my lupus got worse.

I had this problem. Several years ago I wore studs and my earlobes keep getting sore and bothering me. I stopped wearing them and my ears got better. I dont wear any jewelry now I tried different kinds and found they either hurt or I would break out.

My sister was allergic to earrings for a while, but now she can wear gold earrings. It. Actually started under a ring. She always wears earrings. Now. I sometimes wonder if she doesn’t have pre- lupus, she gets a lot of the same things I get. But not the tiredness, etc. i have had allergies to strange things and soaps all my life, she started as an adult. I was once covered in hives and my family finally figured out I had on new underpants that Mom hadn’t washed yet.
Soy sis can 't wear silver or copper etc. in her ears. That was the problem. I think she avoids stainless, too, but she went without earrings for a while to desensitize the ears. I hope this helps.

I’ve not been diagnosed with lupus but with RA. However I have a couple blood markers and I’m pretty sure I will eventually be diagnosed with lupus. I haven’t been able to wear earring for years. Even before I had any major symptoms; however, several months ago my right earlobe was itching and when I reached up to rub it it was painful and scabbed over. For no reason (no trauma or anything) my earring hole will bleed and scab over. It’s like it gets infected even if it’s not open. It’s so strange. I plan to mention to rheumatologist and see if he thinks I should see the dermatologist.

I can only wear 14K gold. Anything else and my ears get majorly infected.

Oh my, I hadn't thought of this as being related! I have never been able to comfortably wear earrings, at least that I can remember. The cheaper the earring, the quicker my ears would get angry. Cheap Kmart earrings would have my ears swollen and bleeding in half an hour. The better the metal, the longer I could endure wearing them. I don't think I ever tried gold earrings (it just wasn't worth putting that kind of money into), but my sterling silver earrings could be worn for a few hours without a lot of damage, though they would still get red and inflamed anyway.

Eventually I simply gave up wearing earrings at all. They were too much trouble. I didn't like having to go through the painful process of prying out the posts that were stuck in blood and pus in my ear, and having to clean them carefully each and every time I wore earrings so that they wouldn't get infected. I didn't have time or inclination to mess with it.

That being said, this was all back when I was a teen, long long before I suspected anything was wrong with me. Then again, I've also come to learn that times when others thought I had pink eye, but I knew it wasn't... that might have been uveitis. So who knows how long autoimmune stuff has been bothering me!

As a side-note, I did find some awesome clip-on style earrings at Macy's. I loved them dearly, for they weren't your grandma's type clip-on, but looked like a real earring. So nice! Mine were stolen when our house was broken into, though, and I haven't been able to track down any like them again, as I think Macy's stopped carrying them! So sad!

EDIT: Also, my face won't tolerate any metal touching it for long periods of time. My neck and hands are fine for it, but if my glasses bend to where the metal is lightly touching my skin, I will develop a sore in that spot. I don't dare think what it would do if I tried one of these fancy-dancey facial piercings that are popular with some folks. I'd be a mess!

I too can only wear gold earrings and have done for many years now. Reading all these replies from others who have the same problems with theirs it must have been one of the early symptoms of my lupus. I had my ears pearced when I was 13 years old and could wear anything in them with no problems but soon after I had my first baby it all changed and all I could wear from then was gold.

I had to quit wearing all jewelry, I used to wear 14kt gold, then about 5 years ago I kept getting infections on my ear lobes, neck, fingers and wrists, once I quit wearing the jewelry the rashes/infections went away. Nobody could figure out why the sudden allergic reaction but there it is, to this day no jewelry not even my wedding band.

I gave up wearing earrings a long time ago, they always seem to bother my ears. I think it is important to feel as comfortable as I can so I seldom wear jewelry. If I do wear something, it is for a short duration. Hugs.

I don't know if this ties in or not but after I got fibro, I got a nasty rash around my neck from the necklace I was wearing, I guess. It's come back several times, sometimes with a necklace, and sometimes when I'm not wearing one. I really have to watch what I wear, and pull the necklace off quickly if it starts to cause a rash. Like I said, I'm not sure if it's what you have, but my gut is telling me that they are related, so I decided to include it.

Oh, and I've been unable to wear earrings since forever, as the site gets itchy and sore and scabs over. Kind of forgot, as I've never been able to wear them. Do you think this is a symptom of lupus? .

I feel like it definitely has something to do with lupus or maybe autoimmune disease in general. I follow the RA and Lupus discussions because I have a positive blood marker for both (actually 4 diseases) but no diagnosis yet due to not having enough blood markers for any particular disease; however, I find myself relating to many more discussions on the lupus board than the RA board.
Thanks to everyone for the input on these discussions. It’s funny how we can think we are probably asking a question that isn’t related but then after putting it out there we end up finding out that so many people with lupus have the same issue. What a crazy disease!

I have to admit to surprise after seeing so many people with lupus having this exact same issue with earrings. Mine was apparent when I was in my early teen years and tried to get my ears pierced.- by having someone jab me with something or other. It never felt right and was sore and scabby for as long as I had the earrings in. I chalked it up to having it done at home but several more tried brought on the same reaction. I always thought it was just me. I also freak watches out and they stop running on me but have been lucky on that front recently.

Thank you so much for bringing up this topic, as it's vs

very interesting and informative.

I wonder what the incidence % for metal allergy is in auto-immune disorders?

When I was in high school I had my ears pierced. That was the beginning of the metal allergy. I have always wanted to wear earrings and would try on occasion but never any great luck until I found this website through amazon called Blomdahl. This a company from Sweden (I think) and they specialize in non-allergic earrings that are made of medical grade plastic and titanium. I ordered a pair of studs with a very very small zircon/crystal gem. I paid 35.00! On sale down from 70.00. But they are in my ears all day/everyday and I has had no problems and they make me happy to finally wear earrings :slight_smile:

On a side note I am allergic to metal buttons and snaps, have to put tape on to cover the metal so I don’t end up with a screaming, itchy red welt on my stomach.

I am 61 years old and was diagnosed with lupus more than 15 years ago.