Dry eyes

Hello every one
I’m new lo lupus ( been diagnost this summer) I’m on plaquenil for the moment .
Even before I was diagnost I use to have an hour or two here and there " tired and dry eyes " I’m a lot on the computer so I thought that it make sence to get tired eyes some times .
Then the symptoms became like I ones a month deal for very short time .
And now it been 24 hours of pain and dry eyes and I can’t do anything or look on anything I use the tear drops … They help for a minute or two.
Does any one ever had this expirions ,?

Could be sjogrens. I would have them check.

I also suffer from Sjogren's syndrome-http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/sjogrens-syndrome/basics/symptoms/con-20020275

My rheumatologist put me on Restasis eye drops.

Again Welcome Donna S

Hey Aria! It definitely could be due to you having sjogrens also. A lot of us with lupus can have secondary sjogrens. You would have to go to an eye Dr. and get checked to see if you have severe dry eyes and need restasis eye drops or eye plugs. I tried restasis for a year and it didn’t really help much but that’s just ,y experience I still had to constantly use those gel eye drops. But I just recently got eye plugs put in my bottom ducts it was a painless procedure and wow what an improvement! They help keep the moisture in my eyes and cut down my eye pain about 75%! Best of luck to you take care!

I also get that. Sjogren’s causes dry eyes and mouth- all bodily fluids. Are you using the little vials of preservative free eye drops? They are really handy. Restasis made my eyes feel gritty, Even when the doctor had me do a week of prednisone before I started the Restasis the second time, which I guess they now do more commonly. I know it helps a lot of people. Some meds can make dryness worse. So can age. My favorite drops are systane ultra, they are a little thicker. Other brands make ulta, too.

Aria, I have the same thing going on. I haven’t been officially diagnosed with sjogrens but by all accounts the symptoms show that it’s pretty likely that I have it. I am constantly putting over the counter eye drops in every hour or two throughout the day, every day! It can be painful at times but very annoying 100% of the time! I don’t have any answers or advice for you, I’d simply like to send you a cyber hug and I hope you do get some relief and if at all possible, some answers too!

From a sister soldier in arms,
A Proud LUPUS Warrior

That sounds like my eyes before I was diagnosed with Sjogrens. Get to an Ophthalmologist to get it checked. Get preservative free eye drops. Try using the gel drops before bed. They eye pain can be so incredibly painful. So sorry you are having this. Hugs

Thanks everyone for sharing on different eye drops. as I just found out my Prescription med plan is changing and Restasis isnt cheap! I will lokk into thos other eye drops!!

I have to have my eyes check by my Ophthalmologist every 6 months
Hugs and Hope u can find a answer to help u Hugs

My eye problems started at the same time I was diagnosed with lupus. They would get very red, almost like pink eye, and feel scratchy. The ophthalmologist thought it was an allergy ( I didn’t

Believe the coincidence) but he tried allergy eye drops - no help. I came back and he tried a steroid eye drop and that helps. I have the problem recur every few months, and just use the steroid eye drop till it goes away.

I also had that problem and was diagnosed with Sjorgren's . I use over the counter Systane Balance. Make sure it says Balance because there are so many Systane eye drops. some are gel, lubricating drops but they don't last very long and are thick. The Systane Balance have helped me so much because it works like Restasis and helps you to build your own tears. I just use the drops in the morning and at night. it makes a big difference.

I didn’t know about systane balance, I’ll try it.

Yes I was dx with the Sjorens and now take steroid eye drops, restasis and lubricating tears twice daily.

I have even had to go on pilocarpin because it with the dry mouth was difficult I could barely hold a conversation

Lupus sucks!

It sure does.

kawena312 said:

Lupus sucks!

I also have the dry eyes and dry mouth, with everything that going on with me, I’m just getting so tired of fighting with this everyday, I’m getting worse not better or even leveling off. There’s got to be a better way of dealing with, I’m just about finished with it all

I have had the plugs and have used restasis. Imuran seems to have greatly improved my eyes.

Try the Genteal eye ointment. Helped me a lot.

I would like to know if anybody has suggestions too… I have not been diagnosed with lupus, still being tested. But my eyes have bothered me enough that I saw my eye doctor the other day and he told me my eyes of the driest that he seen in years. He gave me two different samples to try, but they don’t help for very long.

I’m curious though, are your dry eyes worse at night?? About the time I’m ready to go to bed I notice a significant difference in my eyes, they get much drier, painful, and almost feel like it’s hard to open them because they’re so dry. Some nights they get extremely red! I look like a zombie :slight_smile: