Dripping wet

Dripping wet.Dripping wet. This morning, I evaluated a pre school student then went to costco to get quick grab food for my post op recovery. I was so hot that I was drenched. I came home and had to take a shower to cool off. Believe it or not, the milk leaked all over the back seat of my car. That is a good excuse to have it detailed I guess. When I was at costco today, the surgeon’s office called me to let me know that they never got the operative clearance from my primary. I drove over to the primary and waited while they faxed the clearance to the surgeon. I am so drained now that I am just laying in bed a watching mindless tv. I must admit that I am getting nervous about the surgery tomorrow. I am happy that it is first thing in the morning so I get it over with


Back home. Resting and watching mindless TV with my foot elevated.

Glad to hear It’s over. Good wishes for your recovery!

I am back home with the foot elevated and watching mindless TV. Got to love the sweating. I feel warm but don’t have a temp. My husband said that I feel cold. This is my normal but makes it a challenge to know if I actually have a temp from the surgery. I am sure plenty of you know exactly what I am talking about

We are getting take out. I could tell that the pain meds are wearing off. My foot is starting to throb and is itchy. I just took another Vicodin. The RX is for one every. 4-6 hours. If has been 4.5 hours since my last pill. I don’t need a clock. Lol

Glad the surgery went well! Use the pain medicine liberally, we sure don’t need any additional pains to the daily ones!
I sure understand about the sweating. It’s ridiculous! I just walked around a grocery store (nicely air conditioned) and by the time I was finished I could see the sweat in my arms and feel it running down my back. Docs can’t do anything about it apparently (at least mine can’t. The best they came up with was a thyroid test which of course was normal).

This is insane!!! My thyroid and hormone level tests came back normal. I have an appointment with an Endochrinologist on Monday. I guess I am getting jaded but am not holding out much hope for answers