Life With Lupus

Dr apt


Well i had my dr apt Friday with new Rheumatologist. I really like this Dr. Not only did he pray over my health and ask god to give him knowledge to treat me he also listened, explained and was compassionate. He did tell me that he doesn’t feel i have full blown lupus yet but that one day it might turn that direction. I don’t have all the positive blood work for him to say yes its lupus. He explained to me that he has so many patients that their symptoms fit the criteria and until the bloodwork shows him something he just has to treat their symptoms. I feel so relieved and also feel im in good hands. Oh and this rheumatologist has lupus.


Where do you find a doctor like this? And one that has intimate knowledge of this disease as well. May God bless your day Laura.


Lucky you! Where is this doc?


Well that's good !!! The main thing's that the doctor did was good to start off with , ask God to help him , and He listened to YOU , i feel as though those are the MAIN FACTORS that counts.... Beverly L.




Hey Laura isn't it great when you find a doctor that you can click with so happy for you . And he has Lupus too.. wow God Bless Julie


Wow! Never heard of a rheumatologist who had lupus. In a way, it could be a blessing, as he or she can certainly relate to our feelings on the subject. You may have hit on something good here. Good luck.

Thomas Franklin


Texas Arthritis Institute. …Tyler Tx his name is Dr. Glen Graves. Cant speak enough good about him. He is a blessing to people struggling with this ugly disease.


Laura, I was so impressed by this post and interested in this Dr you saw! I have been praying for a Dr like this for so long! Where do you live and what is this Dr’s name? I live in Minnesota but I will fly anywhere to see a Dr that will pray over me and for God’s guidance! That is so very unusual and very much needed in my option. Please let me know so I can make an appt.
Thanks, Elizabeth


Dr information is in the post just above yours. He is incredible! !!