Life With Lupus

Don't hate others. What if


New to site and first post so hopefully this is the right place.

I know lupus is hard, but try not to build up hate towards others that don’t understand. Hopefully I don’t sound insensitive, but whenever my father barely believed me, I always ended up holding a grudge and cursing him. Now I just tell myself, it’s not his fault, I started imagining what if I never had lupus but instead had to live or see someone else with lupus, would I have understood him/her just like I expected out of my father. Then I end up with the conclusion he doesn’t understand because he can’t understand. Not saying give up on explaining but try to hate people less, and always try your hardest.


Hello nightwrath I hope all is as well as possible! I just wanted to say that I understand what you are saying and have to sometimes remind myself of it once in awhile. I appreciate your post as it helps to keep it in the forefront of my mindfullness. Thank you and I wish you enough.:+1: