Does anyone have lymphoma? Hypothyroid?

I was just diagnosed with hasimotos thyroiditis. I have nodules. I have been hypothyroid for 30 years. Now I cant swallow. I have had lymphoma from Enbrel. Now I have lymphatic swelling under my arms. I have doctor appointments lined up.

Can anyone share their experiences? I feel like this is all related under thyroid lymphoma. I am very symptomatic. Share you strength and hope.

Hello awesomed,

Your diagnosis of hasimotos thyroiditis as developed from your thyroid gland...this is one large issue where sjogrens is concerned which you have and is also the stem of your problem.

I have thyroid trouble and have Lymph nodes removed besides others developing again...Lymphoma causes swelling anywhere on the body and the swelling occurs more with weight or weight gain and also hypothyroidism which i also i know how your feeling.

You may find this link useful on it more.

This link is also is helpful and sjogrens is mentioned where it's concerned...i really do suggest you joining the sjogrens site and come on when you feel like it but the amount of discussions it carries for the disease are great and besides that sjogrens is not a disease also to be taken lightly.

Hugs Terri xxx

Awesomed i've brought this discussion over from the sjogrens site and these are a few Autoimmune Diseases which Sjogrens causes and one is Lymphoma.