Life With Lupus

Does anybody know a good Rheumatologist or Internist in the Atlanta, GA area?

I am looking for a good doctor in the Atlanta, GA area, preferably on the west side of town. I want a doctor who will actually spend time with me. One who will explain tests being ordered, why they are being ordered, and when the results come in, what they mean and what the next step is.



contact Dr. Richard Browne at Sanger Clinic(a top cardiologist in Charlotte, nc) He worked at the main hospital in Atlana for years. Im sure he will direct you to the right person.

Hello Jason,

I'm from the uk but here's some links for rheumo's from the west side of the area your asking about and i hope they help besides what other members have given you...to see someone ASAP.





Best of luck Terri :)

Im in GA too! I just moved down here to bremen... Ive been to hell and back trying to find a rheumy. I finally have gotten set up with one who is in rome I think? I had to get a new pcp to refer me to him even though I already knew I had lupus. I wont be able to get into his office until december...its sad that they dont really have many to choose from down here.. I tried many places but all I would get was "they know longer work for this practice" I can send you his number if youd like?

That would be great. I actually live about 20 minutes from Bremen, so I know what part f the state you are in.

Hello Jason,

Did you get a doctor in the end from members helping you.

Terri :)


Dr Kelly Wesselman in Smyrna, GA. Excellent!! A life saver for me.

Thank you miller482!

Did you find any? i have friend who works in Atlanta as medical transcriptionist so they hear who are the better doctors often. I could ask her if you have not.

I also contacted myself LFA, lupus foundation of America and go to one for Atlanta...email them in request and they can send you list but here is what i also did...was asked for support groups so i could call and speak to people like ourselves and see whom they felt would be a good match.

I also wrote what kind of doctor i was looking for in my original email and one of the women has SLE and suggested a doctor's name she is using.

Here is one of best suggestions that was sent to me about how to find one if just guessing...ask how long they schedule for each patient....I want one that will spend as much time as needed on each of us ...i rather wait a hour than have one like my last rheum. Who just pushed us through like cattle and never really listened ....i paid heavy price for him not listening to me.

I hope you have found someone...but if not i do not mind asking my friend..she may now but she might be able to ask around too. People are friendly there and helpful..was my experience when i visited her there. You take care and if you need the help please feel free to ask. lg

I live in the Alpharetta, Johns Creek area off Alpharetta Highway, Dr. Ceila -Lopez Armstrong was one of the doctors who found my Lupus and since then in Dec 2010 has been treating me with meds that have helped me.