Do You Need to Work From Home?

I have had to work from home for decades and it's hard to find honest home jobs. ABC news just showed this story of verified places to work from home! I hope this helps someone. This is not spam and not an ad. I'm just trying to help others earn money from home like I do. I am a member of this group with Lupus, have been for many years. Just sharing what I saw on the news.

ABC NEWS REPORTED VERIFIED--HONEST & REAL WORK AT HOME OPPORTUNITIES! Share with all who need to work from home! Read the article as well as watching the video. More sources in article.

Other things I have done are editing, proofreading, manuscript reviews, ironing,, embroidery, finishing other people's unfinished craft projects, babysitting, (didn't last long there), selling Avon and other items. A family member delivered the catalogs and the customers called in their orders, then family delivered the items. People who speak more than one language extremely well can even do translations of documents from home. There are as many ideas as there are creative people.

UPDATE: If anyone is interested in the research I've done over the years, which could help you find a home job, click here: