Disappointing news

I had my eye exam today, and they think the Chloraquine is starting to affect my eyes. My rheumy told me to stop the medicine. The only problem is its the only medicine I have been on that helps me function almost normally. I am scared of going off it, and having the pain, and no energy again. Plus the thought of taking anything else terrifies me. Maybe I know to much about meds since I have worked pharmacy for 17 years, but the other options out there I do not even want to try.

That’s a difficult issue. Are they positive? Second opinion from eye doctor? What showed on the test?

Have you tried benlysta its an iv medication i will be starting mine on monday my rhuemy said if it works i can take off plaquenil and prednisone

Well I was told it was so extremely rare I most likely wouldn't have any problems from it,yeah right. It affects the retina of the eye, and yes have an appointment with with a retina specialist in a couple weeks. I haven't tried benlysta but I think it helps in areas I am not as affected in so much. I do not want to take arava or methotrexate, I know to much about them it scares me.

Imuran? Cymbalta? I take both of these. I have to eat with the Imuran otherwise I get an upset stomach.

Cymbalta is a derivative of Prozac which I am highly allergic too. I take Effexor, and as I said I work in pharmacy and things I know about medications is very scary. I guess I will wait and see what the Rheumy suggests maybe I'll try nothing for a while. Thanks for all the responses.

The same thing happened with my eyes so I take plain old Norco. Not only does it relieve the pain, it gives me energy and uplifts my mood. With it, I can function like a normal person - I am able to take care of my 10 year old son alone ( I’m a single Mom), and I’m able to do my chores, errands, even exercise. Without it comes the pain and sluggishness, and I’m basically bed ridden. Which causes me to be very depressed. I realize it’s a highly addictive narcotic, so I don’t take it everyday. I take it about 3-4 times a week, alternating with Naproxen. Sometimes I can go a week or so without it. Considering you work at a pharnacy, I’m curious to hear your opinion on taking Norco.


I take Norco also for the pain it really helps as long as you don't over use it I think it works well. I also take Celebrex. I am also a single mother, so I also can relate with that, and get no help or support. Actually the father has disappeared and no one even knows where he is. My energy level is already beginning to feel the effects of not having chloraquine, but tomorrow is another day right, and it could always be worse.