I have applied for disability for my SLE and lupus nephritis and have not been approved my Dr has Disable me I even have my car placard has anybody else have the same problem please help

Yes, I applied December 2012, and have been denied, and appealed twice now. I'm trying to work but my appeal is still pending. Sometimes it takes awhile... Do you have a lawyer? That does help. Prayers to you, it takes patience during this process.

Unfortunately the requirements for disability are quite stringent it doesn't matter that you cannot work full time Their criteria is whether you can earn $900 in ANY occupation in a month so if you can answer a phone or be a Walmart greeter- good chance you will fail :>( Sad

Yes, Like Trisha I am waiting on my disability hearing. My doctors as well as their doctors labeled me disabled but I still got denied. I do hope you get yourself a lawyer so they can help with the battle. Sending prayers and hugs to you !!!

So I got denied I got the letter in today and I was denied of course I am planning to appeal the reason I got denied was because I don’t have enough point I guess I didn’t work enough but how can I how can I work when I don’t even know what’s going to hurt the next day sometimes it’s my hands sometimes is my Knees you just never know what’s going to hurt tomorrow