Did it again!

Still holding a 4.0 GPA... lupus fog and all! The semester is finally over! I'm taking an elective class for two weeks (ends May 30th!) to get more time and experience in the operating room, but I'm 99% sure the class is graded solely on journals you have to write. I'm so proud of my brain! Haha.

Fantastic Job!!!!! Great accomplishment!

Yay, ballerina!

That is SO awesome! I wasn't able to continue in college which was a real downer but you have shown it CAN be done. Virtual pat on the back!

That is so great hun. Do all you can while you can. I am always glad to hear about someone with our obstacles, overcoming them to have a better life. High five chica!

Not many kids in my class understand the whole lupus fog ordeal or that it even happens. They have no idea how much extra effort I have to put into on exams or how big of an accomplishment this is. I've been doing a happy dance all day. One day I'll have the courage to explain what it's really like to deal with lupus.

Good for you! Congratulations. Time to treat yourself -- you deserve it!

WHOO HOO! You go Ballerina! This accomplisment of yours gives me great joy and hope!

Time to sit back and enjoy your victory. Despite the obstacles you persevered and succeeded. We all know how difficult an accomplishment this is when battling unpredictable brain fog. Congratulations!

WOW! That's wonderful, way to go!!

Congrats! That's an awesome accomplishment, and you have ever right to be happy and proud of yourself!


Congratulations! Lupus fog really ruined my last semester of college. I couldn't organize my thoughts and get them down on paper. The things I'd been good at, writing and writing music, were very difficult. I didn't retain what I heard in class as I should have, and I failed to read one humungous novel in an American Lit course. I finished the semester OK but not well; it was very disappointing for me. (And my aches had come back... minor, compared to brain function) I'm so glad for you. Julia


I've never ended with a 4.0 before. I hope to finish out the program with that. Once I ended my first semester, I realized it was a possibility. It really is awesome!

The school just got approved for a chapter of a nursing honor society and part of the requirements is to do a project to help the community. I think I'm going to do my project on Lupus. I don't know all the guidelines or expectations, but I'm definitely going to do something on lupus.


It has not been easy. I have to go home from lecture and reteach myself everything. I can't retain the information at the pace they present it so I have to sit there and read through the power point slides and notes at my own pace. It drives me insane to have to do that, but if I don't, it's in one ear and out the other. I used to be able to go at a faster pace when I was younger, but now I have to re-teach myself things, take twice as long to read, take extra notes, etc.

kuddos to you!!!!! =)