Hi I’m Kim. I’m 37 and was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Over the last two years I’ve been developing autoimmune symptoms that keep getting worse. Presently the most prevalent symptoms are, I’m in horrible pain, trouble sleeping, scaly patches on scalp and chest, constant nausea, headaches, sores on the corner of my mouth, loss of appetite, low grade fever, and horrible fatigue. I’m at my wits end. Nothing seems to be helping. How do I get my doctor to refer me to a specialist? I’m certain I have lupus, but will get no treatment without a diagnosis. Thank you for any advice.

Hi Kim

Does your insurance require you to have a referral to a rheumatologist? Ask your doctor to send you most do not have a problem with referral or ask him/her to do the blood work to check. We also have a fibro group if you would like to join us there.

Yes I need a referral. I have an appointment on November 18th with my GP. I’ll ask him for a referral. I just don’t want to be that person. I really do think I have been misdiagnosed.

Kim, try not to be too concerned about being that person. Your health and proper diagnosis is vital.You do seem to have some symptoms that aren’t in line with Fibro symptoms such as fever and rash, but to be clear Fibro can also overlap with Lupus and other autoimmune disorders. Or something entirely different could be going on alongside your Fibro. It is possible to have Fibro and still develop autoimmune or other issues. The best chance you have at proper diagnosis lies in seeing a specialist. Good luck with referral.



Thanks Laurie. I just wish I could see someone right away. It’s debilitating, frustrating, and very painful.

If you’re having trouble sleeping you may want to consider discussing sleep aids with your Primary in the meantime. I find without enough sleep everything tends to flare and feel that much worse. Also consider calming the Fibro flare with Epsom baths. Hang on, you’re on right track, Kim.


Hi Kim
I had Fibro for 6 years then diagnosed with Lupus and sjogrens … I went to the emergency room because I had pain in my chest which turned out to be my left lung was affected by lupus. The hospital diagnosed me with lupus.
I hope you get relief soon

Go to a dermatologist who specializes in auto immune diseases or treats patients with them. I think your diagnosis will come from there. You have enough skin issues to probably get a biopsy diagnosis. Good luck!