Demote me?

One of my managers come up to me and let me know the store Manger wants to demote me due to me calling in (on average 3 days out of month) plus a Dr apt. She already didn’t like me when she started, don’t know why. I’m afraid of losing my position and maybe my raise and hours that came with it. Can she do this legally? I’m still looking for a new job that’s less demanding but it’s tough out there.I have alot of sick day left and vacation days to. Not sure what to do or what my rights are. Guess I need to do some research. :confused: there is always something new to deal with.

The question is, are you physically able to do your job and fill the requirements of your job? There is also another question, do you live in a right to work state or are you working for a company that has multiple points of business that cross state lines? Then there are lots of questions about your diagnoses.

Those are the legal questions. Now for the realistic questions. Do you really have the energy to fight this? How important is it to you?

I'll agree that it isn't fair but life isn't fair, we need to pick out battles.

Wishing you the best in what ever you decide to do.

Hi Beck,

There is an intermittent leave of absence paperwork that your doc can sign off on. This is were you can miss a day here and there because of your illness and your work can not do anything about it legally. This would be good until you use up all your sick days. Your HR dept would have the paperwork for you that you would need filled out. I had to do this before I got to the point that I was unable to work anymore. Let me know if you have any questions.

My work isn’t affected, I still work fast and make my daily goal. I work even when I have a bad migraine because I’m afraid she will use that. I’ve only been diagnosed for a year, symptoms only started getting worse.

It's so you can take as many sick days as you need. Most companies have a policy that you are only allowed to miss so many days and than they will start to put you on warning levels. That paperwork would protect you. I made an appointment with my general doc (this was before I received a diagnoses) and told her I was having problems missing too much work or not able to make it in on time and asked her to fill out the paperwork. It was very easy and no problem.