I start cytoxin in a few hours.

I did benlysta.
I did rituxin.

But for some reason, this one makes me nervous. Here’s hoping!

Fingers crossed!!! :-)

Ok. The infusion itself only lasted 30 minutes. But it sucked. I feel so wiped out. Just soooooo exhausted I can’t wait until I get home and go back to sleep. Yes, my phone will be off. Probably for the next few days. Fingers crossed indeed. I get another infusion in 6 weeks. Provided this works. Let’s hope.

Try to take it easy. …it took me almost a week to shake off the side effects. .I know the cytoxin is only 30 minutes but they didn’t give yyou any pre and post meds?I had to have 2 bags of hydration at an hour each , plus a bag of benadryl and zofran that was another hour. .from start to finish I was almost 4 hours

Yes. That’s exactly what they did. And a med that makes me pee a lot. And pain meds. But ugh. I feel like crap now

Yeah forgot about layixs lol…feel better soon xo

Feel better. I hope it works

Still feeling awful. And ivd been running a fever of over 101.6 since last night. Pray for me. I just want to feel better. Not even normal. Just better.