Life With Lupus

Cystic kidneys


Any advice for cystic kidneys related to lupus?


Hi Grambo! I did a quick search on the site and didn’t come up with anything. I’m sorry to hear that you’re dealing with this.



Hi my name is Bill, I am not a health care professional. I have lupus with kidney involvement.
I did a very superficial search on cystic kidneys web MD, Mayo clinic. No it never mentioned autoimmune or lupus. What it did mention kidney damage very much like what we have in lupus. I cut and pasted. Both of these can be caused by or related to Lupus. Lupus causes lowered function allowing cystic kidneys to develop, possibly.

  1. Obstruction of the tubules
  2. However, at this time, the cause of cysts in or on the kidney remains a bit of a mystery. One theory suggests the culprit could be a weak spot on the kidney. A pouch forms and fills with fluid (a diverticulum), then detaches as a cyst.
    Just an opinion not medical knowledge.

I have also taken Nexium for decades–that’s another thing that ps not good along with multiple scans (MRI) for unruptured aneurysm . WebMD does say that lupus can attack the kidneys in the SLE brand. Had the surgery, had a stroke during surgery and had no rehab; taught myself to read, remember etc. all by myself! That’s why I’m Grambo instead of Grandma! Thr Dr and hospital and personal doctors never told me nor my family. My friend’s ex husband is a neurologist and she took me to see him almost 3 years after surgery. I’ll live despite the lousy medical field. Also, never knew that nsaids are bad for kidneys.
All in all it’s exhausting but 13 years on 5/12, I had the surgery and now I totally pass for normal.

Thanks so much for your research…my kidneys are “borderline” and I don’t know more; just drink lots of water…in fact, I really don’t want to know.

Maryanne Walsh