Cyclosporine anyone?

Hello friends:) saw my rheumatologist today and we spent an hour going over my new gastro diagnosis, surgery, pain management, continuous decline and treatment plans and friendly chitchat :) ..I'll be starting cyclosporine 2 weeks after my cytoxin treatment next Monday.. have any of you be on this while still on a high dose of cytoxin or just by itself? Im still in a constant state of flare and have definitely gone down hill again the past couple of months so my rheumatologist is raising me to the highest dose of cytoxin from here on out:/the plan last time I saw her was to start a short cycle of rituxan to follow up my 6th treatment(end of cycle) and hopefully would have been close to remission with quarterly cytoxin trements for 2 years but no such luck.. I'll also be going every 3 months instead of 4 for maintenance. She said I should be fine to have my gallbladder out by next month, laparoscopicly if the gasto dr gives the ok on the 21st, my other 2 drs want it gone and so do I! still no good diagnosis for my pancreas. The cyst/neoplasm was found clear as day on the abdominal CT that said the rest of my organs were great but didn'show 5 days later on the MRCP that showed my gallbladder full of stones, sludge and inflammation... craziness! So Iim predicting more abdominal imaging in my near future. she wrote a scrip for 15mlg morphine IR for breakthrough pain witch I desperately needed and still on a fentanyl patch for long term pain. Think I've told you everything exciting..... I'll be back on the 21st with whatever the gasto says?!?!?!

I really hope cyclosporine works for you. It really has helped my cousin. I had an adverse reaction to it, freakish really, and had to stop taking it by orders of my GI dr. Good wishes to you! Most people I know are improved by it.

Quick update:)my gasto doc's nurse called yesterday... she said the dr went over my MRCP and my GI track and biles

ducks are clear and I need to follow up with my primary care dr to schedule surgery to remove my gallbladder asap.. I thought the gallbladder was GI??? Still will have an ERCP procedure in 6 months to monitor my pancreatic cyst. Im glad I don't have to wait till the 21st and drive all the way down to downtown Miami to see the gasto dr :) going to my primary tomorrow afternoon so I'll have more info then ..xoxoxo