CVID / hypogammaglobulinemia

Hi all :slight_smile: I was diagnosed with hypogammaglobulinemia today after my abnormal SPEP and immunofluxuation tests results. Still very confused how I can have an overactive immune system with a few overlapping autoimmune diseases and have an immune deficiency at the same time WTF ?!?!?my rheumatologist did an internal referral to an immunologist ASAP so I’ll get a call from U Miami tomorrow with appointment details. I had these specific labs done because just after easter the lymph nodes in the left side of my neck, jaw, treache and clavicle bone swelled up and were excruciating. I couldn’t even swallow until I had a steroid injection the day after it happened. Last week the swelling go extreme again. I just got diagnosis with vasculitus in February so I’m still trying to absorb that.

Dawncelest, I'm sorry the diagnoses just keep on coming. You are one heck of a unique person. Your medical team and guardian angel both must be working over time. I hope good things are happening in your life and in your family's lives, too, to help counterbalance all the challenges.