CVID and Lupus

Does anyone know if the two are related or separate? My immunologist is thinking I may have CVID as well or maybe just CVID and not lupus. Have to take the pneumonia vaccine to see if I build antibodies against it. I was just diagnosed with lupus and placed on Plaquenil 3 months ago. Hair is still falling out and I am tired all the time. Rheumy says may not be getting enough sleep and told me to take Flexeril to help me sleep through the night.

the symptoms are similar, has he run your Igg,Iga,Igm or checked your platelet counts? Have you had a lot of bacterial infections? The plaquenil takes about 6 months to see the effects, the fatigue and hair falling out could be from either the lupus,cvid or the meds. I hope you get this mystery solved soon, good luck to you

I also have lupus and cvid. Got both diagnosis within. 4 months of each other. Dr said that there may be some correlation but not sure. I get treatment for both. I’m on plaque nil and get ivig every month.

Once you get an autoimmune disease, it often mushrooms into many other autoimmune conditions due to your T cells attacking your system, so they are related in that they are both due to autoimmune problems.