Curious about how steroids work

I've got a question. Recently I had an MRI of my knee because of the pain and the popping. No surprise the MRI showed nothing. No inflammation, arthritis, nothing.Yet the pain and popping were ever present. Now the popping has subsided since going to physical therapy and the pain finally went away after being on steroids for 5 days. Here is where I am confused: IF THERE WAS NO INFLAMMATION PRESENT, WHAT EXACTLY DID THE STEROIDS DO?? I already take anti-inflammatory meds every day and they did help a little when the pain started. After a while, they didn't help anymore. Anybody got any ideas, please share. My next apt with the rheumatologist is march 3 and i'll be asking him too. Thanks

here are couple links that might help to understand about steroids. Remember, our bodies produce them naturally too.

odds are since you had pain, you had inflammation and that is why the steroids did work.

Popping, can be normal sound in many joints just irritates others. Steroids are naturally produced in your body, why i included that one link because many people are not aware of this fact. So if a person starts taking steroids regularly they can interfere with the natural process of the body producing it.

Hope your knee continues to improve and work well without pain nor inflammation.

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Dr. Williams, D.D., Lupus survivor

hello, the body is a beautiful thing and well designed from above!!! ( Higher Power) And i have come to a final thought that sometimes ( not all the time ) , that we know what is wrong with us , BUT when medical and doctors can't find it , we tense and stress because we are sane to a point of knowing what we go through and it is really hard to convince others that YES this is happening , so we give into their thoughts . Hon , you know what is going on with your body , tell the doctor Mar. 3, 2014, that you are NOT satifyed with his results and the popping is totally real and he has to find out why it happening !!! I had the same noise /popping going on and yes it was / is arthrist , and now it don't (pop ) as much , but sometimes when the cold or rain comes oh may , it hurts so bad . To sum this up don't seattle for no excuse , make him/her find the reason and treat it - It's YOUR BODY and don't forget your Money/ insurance that pay him/her!!! ...Beverly L.