Costochondritis Again

Hello and best wishes to everyone.

I realise this topic has been covered before but recently I have been experiencing cruel 'rib' pain.

A few weeks ago my horse bucked me off and a CT scan revealed I fractured L3 and L4. Also I hurt a rib on my right side. (My Doctor had encouraged me to do things I enjoy lol).

I now have costochondritis in that side of my chest and it is really getting me down.

Everything is a struggle and even breathing is painful.

I am wondering can a bone become infected? I am on very strong pain relief but still struggle with the pain.

Any advice or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated.



I have fractured the left side of my rib cage a while back and it hurts like hell! I have fractured ribs 4,5,6 and 7. I fell waterskiing. It took me six weeks to feel better. I could not take in a deep breath at all.

To answer your question yes you can get an infected bone! It is called osteomyelitis! However it is very had to contact an bone infection because the system is a closed one. Are you having fevers or any signs of infection. You can get pneumonia from the rib fractures too because you are not breathing correctly.

I have had a bone infection before which was a rib, but it was because I had surgery to take out my first rib (thoracic outlet syndrome).

I hope you feel better very soon…Deenie

Hello NicMic,

I've fractured my ribs in the past on my left side 8 and 9 and my god they did hurt like mad, they take some time to heal but even as time goes on you'll still get pain from time to time and also where the fractures catch your breathing.

Your must rest well until your totally able to move because otherwise your pushing on the ribs while moving.

"Deenie" as given some excellent advice and this link below should also help you regarding your ribs.

Love Terri xxx

Hello Ann,

Sorry to hear how you spend alot of your time resting but i totally agree where the ribs are concerned, even when they're surposed to have healed they never feel like it at certain times.

I did mine in having a joy ride twice down a flight of stairs through my seizures.

Oh Ann i know i should'nt laugh but concerning myself and the situations those seizures have put me through i have to laugh sometimes and i often think, how in gods name am i still here.

That questions makes me really think HARD at times.

Love Terri xxx


Was thinking about you this morning and just want to check in to see if the pain is getting any better for you. I feel for you my friend. Hope to hear from you soon.


Hello Nic,

Lovely to hear off you and how your doing but sorry to hear the costochondritis is playing you up.

You need the rest although your an active person and your to ill to think of jumping on an horses back.

It is a pain dealing with different issues of pain but keep fighting that's all any of we can do and lupus can have it's rough days on we.

Well if you find an hypnosis who can put you in heaven...let we all

Love Terri xxx


So sorry to hear your in so much pain. How many weeks ago did you fracture the ribs? As I explained it can take up to six weeks before you feel a little better and then a few more weeks after that. I am sure that the rib fractures has set off the costochondritis too.

I use biofeedback for my pain and when I can sleep. I have a few different tapes that I listen too. It is a way to relax the body and stop the brain’s pain messages. It is a simple process to do this. It is just using an Ipod with buds and your choice of destressing music or instructional feedback in a dark and relaxing room. Lay down or sit in reclining chair. Most of music or instrucional feedback recordings you can download yourself. I find it helpful!

I took a very bad fall from a run away horse when I was 17 years old. I worked as a trial ride leader during the summer to make money and the horse was new to the farm. He ran with me on his back for 2 1/2 miles. We jumped cannels and fences and I could not stop him so I decided to jump off. Wrong Idea! I dislocated both my hips and my back was all cut up because one of my feet stayed in the strip and he drugged me over top of Gravel. it was kind of like something you would see only on TV. It took weeks for me to get to a point where I could be around my horse or any other horse. Final I had to face my fears and just take a leap of faith and I jumped back on that crazy horse. We did fine after that! So I completely understand your anxiety about being around a horse. You don’t need to be bumped right now when your in pain!

Are you on pain meds? We have pain just from the lupus so I can only image the pain that you are going through. Plus the extra stress your body has experience could case a flare. Just keep reading and in no time you will be better!

Take care and I am pulling for you…Deenie