Computerized Silicone Chip will help Lupus Patients!

This is not the RFID identification chip, it's a computerized chip that can help diagnose different problems in lupus and various types of auto-immune disease. It will help so many people who can't get a more exact diagnosis, which would lead to more precise treatment.

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Sheila, this sounds promising, but I question if the silicone chip in the microcomputer would be an implant, or doctor/lab used from a collection of cells or blood of a patient? One reason I ask? Many women who have had silicone breast implants became unwell, and even had them removed. Silicone in some people's bodies can be the trigger for autoimmune issues to be set into motion. The article said the chip is silicone.

The technology is fascinating, and the work brilliant, no doubt. I would pass though on an implant personally, and am not too happy to have learned after my multiple level spine fusion surgery they really don't know what titanium does to a human's body over time. That said, this holds hope to speed up and fine tune diagnostics, not a bad thing! How many of us have spent tons of time energy and money over long years to know what we have, much less what might be valuable in treating it?

Thanks for making everyone aware of an avenue of hope.

warm hugs,


Hi Louise,

I know multiple people who have titanium rods and parts in their body, some for 50 years, some for less, and they are all healthy. Makes me wonder if Titanium might be something that keeps them healthy. HA! Just kidding.

Hi Sheila I was just thinking about you. I read the article and am going to read it again later and think about it I kind of had mixed feelings.