Comfort, Hope, and Inspiration

Good Morning everyone! We who live with this horrible disease know how low, and depressed we can get. Sometimes to the point of throwing all meds away and throwing in the towel. I recently was ready to do so. No support or understanding from my husband and children (who often make fun of me and are annoyed that I have to go lay down, etc.) often leaving me to feel like I have ruined their life because I can’t work and still fighting for my disability. I know my husband has resentment towards me for that, because he has told me.
Any way the other day, I picked up a book of Psalms and prayers that I had been following daily for the year until my faith started to succumb to my feeling of hopelessness too. Here is what I read and it really drove right to my heart so im hoping it will give you comfort as it did me…

“People have constantly let me down,Lord,and Im tired of it. I feel hurt right now, and I need your help. Im not saying I’m perfectly dependable myself; I’m only human. But my problems require a higher level of assistance. Will you bring your divine power and wisdom into my situation? Give me strength against laziness and complacency. Help me fight the temptations that pull me down. Quiet the naysayers. Calm the backbiters. Grant me the determination and confidence I need to do your work in this world.”

“O grant us help against the for, for human help is worthless” Psalm 108:12

I hope most of you enjoy this and find some type of comfort and empowerment from this whether you have faith or not :slight_smile:

Amen I feel ya no one understands! It’s kind of sad that we struggle everyday with this and depression and they think we are faking I had an MRI and it def showed I wasn’t faking about my back pain I have 3-4 herniated disc in my back and 1 in my neck with loads of arthritis it was def a wake up call to my hubby!

Thank you so much for this.... Never give up hope, where there is love.

Trisha amen Hun take care

I feel you it’s hard but we get through it with God s help pray on sister

Thank you sharing that :)

What a wonderful prayer. Thank you so much!

Amen! My faith is what sustains me and keeps me on this Earth!