Colonoscopy with Lupus

I am due for my colonoscopy and am concerned about the procedure, I have had many colonoscopies, both parents died from colon cancer so I am on the 3 year plan. I have not been this physically weak before when I have had the procedures. Just wondered what you all have experienced? any advice?

I had am Colonoscopy a few months ago due to pain I was having in my stomach and I was very sick but the procedure went great. I didn't even have a groggy feeling from the anethesia when I woke up I just woke straight up. Turned out that I had an infection called C-difficlie in my colon and Gastritis.

I also had one a few months ago and it went fine. Diagnosed with diverticulitis. The prep was worse than the procedure and had no after effects from anesthesia either. Good luck.

I have had several because I had a bowel infarction (spelling) 13 years ago. I need one next year. and , yes the prep is worse than the test. As lonb as i'm asleep I don't care what they do. I too have colon cancer in my family. You'll be fine. Stay positive.

Thank you all very much!! I will schedule for it next month.